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How do I get exact square footage?
  1. Get a tape measurer
  2. Measure the length and width of each surface
  3. Length x Width = Square Footage

Square Footage Help

The following square foot grid was created in collaboration with Second Skin customers and installation shops. All information is included as a range and is meant to be an estimate. You must measure your vehicle to be exact! If you have questions about square footage or just want to talk about your project, please call or email us.

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To effectively measure the interior of your vehicle, we recommend using a tape measure to capture the length and width (in feet) of any surface where material will be placed. Multiply length X width to get the square footage needed for each part of the car.

  • Sound Deadening Mat: You must cover at least 25% of the surface to deaden the metal. Our testing shows that 60% coverage gets you to about 95% of max results for your typical vehicle. Many customers choose to cover 100% to max out the deadening and also get the full thermal insulation benefits. If you’ve installed an aftermarket car audio system, you should definitely cover 100%. If you're trying to save money, check out our article on how to sound deaden a car cheap.
  • Sound Deadening Liquid: You must cover 100% of the metal surface with sound deadening paint. While 1 layer at 1mm thickness will deaden the metal, we recommend 2mm of Spectrum (2 layers). Some customers choose to do more layers depending on the application.
  • Sound Barrier: Effective automotive sound barriers work best if they're unbroken and cover as much square footage as possible. You should cover 100% of the surface, and do your best to reduce the number of gaps in the barrier layer when installing.
  • Decoupler: If you are using a closed cell foam or jute product to separate two hard surfaces, you should plan to cover 100% of the square footage.
  • Sound Absorption: If you want to improve acoustics in door panels, the coverage will be entirely depending on the environment inside your door. You may get better results from cutting smaller squares and stacking them into cubes. To add heat insulation to your roof, melamine foam sheets should cover 100% of the surface.

See our ultimate guide on car sound insulation for a more complete summary of our various products.


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