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If pen and paper is more your thing, you can also print out a dealer application and email it to [email protected] to begin the application process.

Bring on a Partner to Grow Your Business

Second Skin will partner with you to grow your business.

1. Get the best car soundproofing materials on the planet in your shop. The customer will feel the Second Skin difference in their vehicle.
2. We know that ordering materials is a time consuming hassle. Second Skin's dealer checkout takes 2 minutes!
3. Customers call us all the time looking for a shop in their area to soundproof their vehicle with Second Skin. We send those potential customers right over to you.
4. Get shout outs on our social media channels. Send us your builds, and we'll post free marketing for you.
5. Whether you want product training or t-shirts, we've got you covered!

If you have questions or want to learn more, give us a call at 1-800-679-8511.

We Hope You'll Join Us Soon! But Don't Take Our Word for it...

The guys at Second Skin Audio make great stuff. We decided to run a test on a client’s 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. This car was bone stock and had terrible road and tire noise. The client had asked us to see what we could do to make it more quiet so he could carry a comfortable phone conversation using Bluetooth. We used a decibel meter at the driver’s head height for each test and used the same road to test everything for consistency. Here are the peak numbers for each test.

65 MPH 80 MPH


77.8 db

82.1 db

Doors Only

71.9 db

78.3 db

Doors & Trunk

69.1 db

77.1 db

Doors, Trunk, & Floor

65.9 db

75.3 db

We used Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro – 100% coverage. As you can see from our tests, driving at freeway speeds yielded us 11 db difference from stock after all the treatments were finished on the vehicle. A 1 dB change in a sound equates to about a 26% difference in sound energy (remember that a 3 dB difference is a doubling of energy levels). In terms of subjective loudness, a 1 dB change yields just over a 7% change. All that to say we accomplished the customer's wishes by using the best stuff on earth.

I want to thank you guys for helping us look good. Because of your products, our clients trust our abilities to make their dreams come true. The icing on the cake was when the customer swore we changed his speakers because his stock sound system sounded so much clearer, louder, and better than before the treatments. I've tried many other products and nothing has worked as well as Second Skin products!

- Bruce, Owner, Hush Car Audio