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The Garage: Land Rover Sound Deadening Projects

The Garage: Land Rover Sound Deadening Projects

Featured Build: 1970's Land Rover Defender

Meet "harry" the 1970's defender

Lou called us up and wanted to get his 1970's Land Rover Defender quiet and warm inside. We chatted a bit and found just the right materials to make his vision come true for his build named "Harry". Harry was focusing on the roof and walls of his Defender to both sound deaden and thermally insulate the areas. The roof and walls of "Harry" used 48 sqft of Damplifier Pro (28 sheets) and Mega Zorbe (12 sheets of the peel and stick version) to completely cover. The hood took 12 sqft of Damplifier Pro (8 sheets) and Heat Wave Pro (half of a sheet) to completely skin. Lou keep it simple with his enthusiasm of how well the products worked for him, "Good stuff Sturgeon! The sample you sent convinced to go with the insulation." We always love to make our customers happy.

1970 Land Rover Defender Hood Insulation

"Harry" is one good looking Land Rover Defender...Playing in the snow is always fun!!!

Defender Sound Deadening

Lou skinned the entire roof and walls with Damplifier Pro to kill vibrations and stop heat transfer.

Defender Thermal Insulation

After the vibration deadener is installed comes the sound absorption and thermal insulation layer, Mega Zorbe, super lightweight but packs a punch to combat sound and heat.

1970 Defender Noiseproofing

Very nice looking cuts. It is always best to start with a sharp blade and cut the sheets with the foam side down wax paper side up for easy cuts. Serrated scissors work well too.

Defender hood insulation

Lou used 12 sqft of the Damplifier Pro and Heat Wave Pro to give the hood some nice noise reduction and thermal insulation. Everything you need to do a hood project is included in the Hood Kit.

More Land Rover Sound Deadening Projects

Defender 110 Roof Insulation

defender 110

Type of Project: Roof Insulation

Products Used: 24 sq ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener

24 sqft of Heat Wave Pro Thermal Insulation

Accessories: Wooden Hand Roller, Foil Tape, Fury Knife

Defender 90 Sound Deadening

1997 defender 90

Type of Project: Full Cabin Area

Products Used: 70 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Floor/Doors/Back Walls/Ceiling)

24 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro automotive MLV (Floor/Cabin Firewall)

48 Sq Ft of OverKill Pro Closed Cell Foam (Doors)

Accessories: Spray Adhesive (1 can),Wooden Hand Roller

Sonoran rovers defender that traveled FROM AZ to south america

Marcus of Sonoran Rovers of Tucson, Arizona has been a long time Second Skin customer and recommended Defender installer in the desert southwest. In 2018 he skinned his Defender with Damplifier Pro, Heat Wave Pro, and Spectrum to combat the heat and noise inside his Defender for a long travel to the bottom of South America. This build and adventure was a family project that cam to life in 2019, the kids helped skin the products on and the family left Tucson for a 280 day travel way down south. Check out his social media pages for more Defender build info and travels.

Defender Sound Deadening

Marcus and his family set out on an adventure from Tucson, AZ to Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America.

Defender Sound Deadening

A 280 day trip from Tucson, AZ, USA to Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America.

Defender Roof Soundproofing

It's always cool to see the kids pitch in and put in some work on the projects. They used 30 sqft of Damplifier Pro to skin the roof of the Defender.

Defender Sound Deadening Roof

His daughter joined in on the fun.

Defender Sound Deadening

Team work makes the dream work...gotta get the labor out of the way before the adventure can begin.

Defender Soundproofing

Dad coming in for the heavy duty work...a family that builds together, has great adventures together.

Crocs and Defenders Soundproofing

Nice Crocs!!! Not a lot of floor install pics, but as you can see the Damplifier Pro sticking up under the floor mat, Marcus skinned the floor with 40 sqft of Damplifier Pro to kill the vibrations and 20 sqft of Heat Wave Pro to thermally Insulate.

Defender Sound Deadening

There's those smiles, happiness is an adventure away!!!

1994 Defender frame off rebuild

Marcus from Sonoran Rover's in Tucson, AZ with another sweet build. This one was a frame off totla rebuild including a new engine. While everything was apart was the best time to heat treat and soundproof. Marcus used 65 sqft of Damplifier Pro to skin both sides of the firewall along with one layer on the doors and floor. They use Mega Block hydrophobic melamine foam to stop the heat from entering the Defender. About 20 sqft is used on the firewall and hood area.

Land Rover Defender Soundproofing

1994 Land Rover Defender Tucson, Arizona

Defender Sound Deadening

Frame off restoration of this beauty...time to get down and dirty.

Defender Sound Deadening

The Damplifier Pro goes in first to kill the vibration and stop heat transfer.

1994 Defender Thermal Insulation

Mega Block lines the engine side firewall to block out sound and heat.

Defender Sound and Heat Insulation

Mega Block 1,000 degree heat shield lined all across the firewall.

Defender Sound Deadening
Defender Thermal Insulation
Defender Sound Dampening
Land Rover 110 Soundproofing

1974 Land Rover 110

Type of Project: Floor, Doors, and Walls

Products Used: 64 sq ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Floor, Doors, Walls)

36 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro Noise Blocker (Floor)

28 Sq Ft sqft of Heat Wave Pro Thermal Insulation (All 5 Doors)

Accessories: Double Sided Tape, Large Foil Tape, Wooden Hand Roller

2017 Range Rover Sport

2017 Range Rover Sport

Type of Project: Full Interior Soundproofing

Products Used: 120 sq ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Floor/Doors/Ceiling/Cargo Area)

54 sqft of Luxury Liner Pro (MLV)(Floor/Cargo Area)

65 Sq Ft of Mega Zorbe Melamine Foam (Ceiling/Doors)

Accessories: Spray Adhesive (2 cans), Wooden Hand Roller

1994 Defender

Chris P has a sweet looking Defender that needed some sound deadening and thermal insulation on his roof and back wall. He ordered the 20 sqft Trunk pack for his areas and it covered perfectly. He used 5 sheets of Damplifier Pro on the roof and 7 sheets on the back wall. The load tinny noise and reverberation was gone after the install. Another happy Defender customer.

Defender Rood Insulation

All that bare metal screaming for Second Skin!!!

Defender Sound Deadening

12 sqft of bare metal wall to cover with Damplifier Pro.

Defender Roof Sound Deadening

It's coming to life while getting more dead! (bad joke?) Just took 8 sqft of Damplifier Pro on the roof of this Defender.

Defender Sound Deadening

Roof finished with Damplifier Pro