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The Garage: Plymouth Sound Deadening Projects

The Garage: Plymouth Sound Deadening Projects

Featured Build: Plymouth Duster Sound Deadening

Duster Joe's 1976 Plymouth Duster Trunk Build

This 1976 Plymouth Duster has a 2006 6.1L Hemi and a 1996 Borg Warner T56 transmission. Oh, and it also has 3 boxes of Damplifier Pro sound deadening (about 90 sq ft) to ensure that beast of an engine doesn't shake him out of the car. The trunk is big (about 53 cubic feet), so it took 10 sheets of Damplifier Pro to completely cover the floor, wheel wells, and side panels.

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1976 Plymouth Duster sound deadening project in the trunk

1976 Plymouth Duster by DusterJoe

Plymouth Duster trunk cleaned out

Step 1: Empty the trunk. Step 2: Look at it. Step 3: Come up with awesome idea.

Plymouth Duster trunk sound deadening

Oh right! The trunk needs some sound deadening. It only took 1 sheet of Damplifier Pro on the trunk walls to reduce sound when knocked to a deep thump.

Plymouth Duster trunk car audio

After covering the entire floor and wheel wells in addition to that one sheet we put on each inner corner panel, this trunk is super dead. You can't even hear the fuel pump anymore.

Plymouth Duster trunk with cardboard template

Mapping out a plan using cardboard and kitty litter. The cardboard was used as a template for the false wall and inner quarter walls. The cat litter is for a cat. Or maybe it's to represent a battery. We forget.

Plymouth Duster trunk with fabricated cardboard

Replace the card board templates with MDF panels. Check. Replace kitty litter with battery. Double check.

Plymouth Duster trunk with uncovered battery

After finish up wiring the stereo, the sub box is ready to be mounted into its final resting place. The battery will eventually be covered, but still a lot to do. Although we we do have one upholstered panel back there!

Plymouth Duster trunk subwoofer

This trunk is starting to come together! The battery is now covered and we've got upholstery on the back wall. Wrinkles... prepare to meet steam.

Plymouth Duster trunk with hardwood floor

And we're done! Matching floor installed. Don't you dare put any luggage in there.

More Plymouth Sound Deadening Projects

1970 Plymouth Barracuda

Type of Project:  Sound Deadening & Heat Control

Products Used: 65 Sq Ft of Spectrum Liquid Deadener (Floor/Trunk)

40 Sq Ft of Firewall Liquid Thermal Insulation (Transmission Tunnel Under-body)

Accessories: Spray Gun + Bottle

1970 Plymouth Duster with sound deadening and full soundproofing

1970 Plymouth Duster 340

Type of Project: Full Auto Soundproofing

Products Used: 77 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Floors/Doors/Trunk)

54 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro Sound Barrier Material (Floors/Trunk)

18 Sq Ft of OverKill Pro Closed Cell Foam (Doors)

Accessories: Spray Adhesive (2 cans), Wooden Hand Roller

Chris M's 1958 Plymouth

Chris is restoring his 1958 Plymouth and chose the Damplifier Pro to reinforce the rood. The roof of this sweet ride took 18 sqft to completely cover.

1958 Plymouth Sound Deadening

18 sqft of Damplifier Pro on the roof of the 1958 Plymouth

Old school rides always have the best interior detail nice.

Plymouth Barracuda Undercarriage Soundproofing

1970 Plymouth Barracuda

Type of Project: Undercoating Sound Deadening

Products Used: 55 sq ft of Spectrum Liquid Deadener

Accessories: Spray Gun + Bottle

Plymouth Barracuda Door Sound Deadening

1973 Plymouth Barracuda

Type of Project: Door Insulation

Products Used: 20 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Doors Inner/Outer Skins)

18 Sq Ft of OverKill Pro Closed Cell Foam (Doors)

Accessories: Spray Adhesive (1 can), Wooden Hand Roller

1966 Plymouth Belvedere

1966 Belvedere

Type of Project: Cabin Interior Sound Deadening by KDS Restorations

Products Used: 40 Sq Ft of Spectrum Liquid Deadener

Accessories: Spray Gun + Bottle

Plymouth Barracuda Roof Soundproofing

1973 Plymouth Barracuda

Type of Project: Roof Installation  

Products Used: 16 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Roof)

16 Sq Ft of Heat Wave Pro Thermal Insulation (Roof)

Accessories: Double Sided Tape, Wooden Hand Roller

1970 Plymouth CUDA' bY graveyard carz

This was the first car that the crew of Graveyard Carz used Damplifier Pro in, it appeared in Season 12 of the show. The CUDA' used 40 sqft to completely skin the entire floor area of this build. You can see the episode on the Motortrend App. After using our high quality American made products for the first time, Mark and the crew called us up and said they were hooked!!! As Mark put it "When it comes to making 50-year-old muscle cars quiet, I choose Second Skin" - Mark Worman, Creator of Graveyard Carz

1970 Plymouth Cuda Soundproofing

1970 CUDA Tribute Car Build, Season 12 Graveyard Carz

Professional installer Justin of Graveyard Carz had the pleasure to be the first crew member to use Second Skin.

1970 Plymouth Barracuda Soundproofing

40 sqft of American made Damplifier Pro was skinned across the floor of this CUDA

1970 CUDA Sound Deadening Graveyard Carz

Nice work Justin, very nice!!!

1970 CUDA Soundproofing Graveyard Carz

That is one sexy looking CUDA...

The CUDA is all back together and approaching the final stages of reveal.

Plymouth CUDA Graveyard Carz Damplifier Pro

One tough looking CUDA 440