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The Garage: Mini Sound Deadening Projects

The Garage: Mini Sound Deadening Projects

Featured Build: Mini Cooper Sound Deadening

2013 Mini Cooper SQ build

We were thrilled to be apart of this awesome sound quality build from all the way over in Singapore. This Mini Cooper, built by Team Second Skin member, Robin, is full of Damplifier Pro, Luxury Liner Pro, and OverKill Pro. Robin loaded up on the Damplifier Pro with 167 sq ft of material throughout the Mini Cooper. He even double layered key spots to ensure there was absolutely no unwanted vibration noise from the new sound system. Next, he added 55 sq ft of Luxury Liner Pro to the floor and doors, 12 sq ft of Thermal Block to the hood, and a whopping 63 sq ft of OverKill Pro to the door panels, ceiling, and hatch. Upon completion of this sweet build, Robin reached out to us with a few renderings of what he envisioned for the car wrap. We were blown away by the design options and honored to be a part of such a meticulously planned vehicle. Heck yeah Robin!!

2013 Mini Cooper build by Robin Best of Robin Audio Technik

2013 Mini Cooper wrapped in a Team Second Skin wrap. Built by Robin B of Robin Audio Technik in Singapore!! There's nothing to say besides we're consistently honored and amazed by our awesome installers and customers! Shout out to #TeamSecondSkin

This is how the whole build started...factory fresh Mini Cooper. Hard to believe, right?

The supplies have arrived in Singapore! Time to lay out the plan of attack.

Door Panel Vibration Sound Deadening

First step of the project... cover those door panels with Damplifier Pro to make them stronger and reduce flex.

Mini Cooper Door Soundproofing

After finishing the panels, Robin moved on to the outer door skins with 7 sq ft of Damplifier Pro per door.

Mini Cooper Door Soundproofing

Robin followed that up with the barrier layer of about 6 sq ft of Luxury Liner Pro per door skin. He also applied a layer of OverKill Pro on the inner door skin to decouple the panel.

After removing the entire interior of the Mino Cooper, Robin went to town skinning the entire floor with Damplifier Pro and double layering over wheel well humps and above the drive train. In total about 90 sq ft of Damplifier sound deadening was laid throughout the floor.

Around 35 sqft Damplifier Pro deadener was added to the back seat and hatch area to keep all that bass vibration in check.

The finished product is immaculate. The attention to detail applied to this Mini Cooper build showed a master at work. Sitting inside of this SQ beauty, you'd would think you were live at the concert. Hats off to you good sir!

Man, I love the way the door of this Mini Cooper looks.

The winning rendering for the wrap. All of the options were great (next slide!), but you gotta admit that this one POPS!

Rendering option 2 for the wrap...clean and fresh with a lot of red.

Rendering option 3 for the wrap, this one was a favorite of a couple team members, but they lost the vote!!

More Mini Sound Deadening Projects

Mini Cooper Hood Installation

2008 Cooper

Type of Project: Hood Insulation 

Products Used: 14 sq ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener

16 sqft of Heat Wave Pro Thermal Insulation

Accessories: Wooden Hand Roller, Spray Adhesive, Foil Tape, Fury Knife

2009 Cooper

Type of Project: Floor & Doors

Products Used: 42 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Floors/Doors)

30 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro MLV (Floor)

12 Sq Ft of Mega Zorbe Melamine Foam (Doors)

Accessories: Dual Lock Reclosable fasteners, Speaker Tweakers, Wooden Hand Roller

1960 Mini Cooper Undercarriage Soundproofing

1960 Morris cooper

Type of Project: Undercarriage and Wheel Wells

Products Used:  45 sq ft of Spectrum Liquid Deadener (Undercarriage/Wheel Wells)(3 Coats)

Accessories: Spray Gun & Bottle

1968 Austin Mini Cooper Soundproofing

1968 austin cooper s 1275

Type of Project: Full Interior Soundproofing

Products Used: 67 sq ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Floor/Doors/Ceiling/Cargo Area)

35 sqft of Luxury Liner Pro (MLV)(Floor/Cargo Area)

32 Sq Ft of Mega Zorbe Melamine Foam (Doors/Ceiling)

Accessories: Spray Adhesive (1 can), Wooden Hand Roller

2018 Mini Cooper Countryman Door Sound Deadening

2018 Cooper s countryman

Type of Project: Car Door Sound Deadening

Products Used: 40 sq ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Outer & Inner Door Skins)

Accessories: Wooden Hand Roller

2017 Mini Cooper Clubman Full Soundproofing

2017 Cooper S Clubman

Type of Project: Full Vehicle Soundproofing

Products Used: 89 sq ft of Damplifier Pro Sound Deadener (Floor/Doors/Ceiling/Hatch Area)

45 sqft of Luxury Liner Pro Mass Loaded Vinyl (Floor/Cargo Area)

44 sqft of Mega Zorbe Melamine Foam (Doors/Ceiling)

Accessories: Spray Adhesive (1 Can), Wooden Roller, Speaker Tweakers (Set of 4)