Sound Absorbing Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Panels

Designer Acoustic Panels

Designer Acoustic Panels

Second Skin’s Acoustic Pro wall and ceiling panels use designer fabrics, and have the cutting edge look preferred by the architectural design community. Say no to cheap wood framing with cloth stretched over it. Your home or office deserves the durability and the ease of maintenance that only fabric wrapped panels can bring. And now Acoustic Pro panels feature an even wider range of customization options, so you get to decide the size, shape, fabric, and colors based on your specific needs while solving your sound reverberation problems.

Reduce Room Echoes

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A room with bad acoustics can be as disappointing as Game of Thrones season 8. But fortunately for those wanting to know how to reduce echoes in a room, this problem is one we still have time to fix. All you need is the proper square footage of acoustic panels, a little know-how on how to place them, and two working arms. We’ve got you covered on the first two.

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Improve Sound Quality

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Sometimes the stakes are too high to cut corners on sound quality. When recording audio or designing an auditorium, planning for proper acoustics will save you time, money, and heartache.

Increase Office Productivity

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The trend towards open office plans has increased the importance of sound absorbing materials and acoustics material to prevent the buildup of reverberant noise. Studies show that increasing noise in an office environment substantially reduces employee performance on cognitively demanding tasks. Employers still want the open office for the collaboration and comradery built by a workforce that has frequent encounters. Don’t settle. Get both with proper sound proofing and acoustical treatments such as acoustic panels.

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More on Acoustic Panels

How many acoustic panels do I need?

There’s an easy answer and a complicated answer. We’ll start with the “non-acoustic consultant” answer, because sometimes you just need some basic guidance.

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Where should I install the acoustic panels?

Acoustic panel placement can feel complicated, but it actually can be quite easy! If you’ve got a more average room, some quick advice is really all you need.

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How do I install acoustic panels?

The best way to install acoustic panels is with the Rotofast Snap-On Anchor system. Fast, easy, and included for free with any panels you order.

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