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The Garage: Custom Performance Car Sound Deadening Projects

The Garage: Custom Performance Car Sound Deadening Projects

Featured Build: Superlite Sound Deadening

Cam's hand built superlite

This custom built Superlite SL-C has a a huge engine and turbo charger that gets HOT! Heat and sound management on this type of project is critical to producing a car you actually want to drive. Cam says, "with the amount of sound and heat control I've installed you can make a race car livable on the street. I performed testing to understand the impact of adding Damplifier Pro to thin fiberglass panels and was amazed at the difference." After Damplifier Pro was added, Luxury Liner Pro was key to blocking the sound before it ever reached the cabin. A combination of Thermal Block to keep heat out on exterior surfaces and Heat Wave Pro on the interior makes the cabin comfortable in 95+ degree temps, pretty darn good for a car without ventilation.

Follow Cam's build log here to keep up with the fun times building this custom powerhouse. Or check out his Instagram e10turbo to see more pictures and videos of this custom Superlite Car.

Type of Project: Full Vehicle Noise and Thermal Insulation

Products used: 86 sqft of Damplifier/Damplifier Pro CLD

72 sqft of Luxury Liner Pro MLV

36 sqft of Thermal Block 

24 sqft of Heat Wave Pro

Accessories: Spray Adhesive (3 cans), Wooden Roller

Cam's Superlite Car comes to life.

Just an empty shell, where it all began.

It all starts with butyl vibration deadeners.

Adding Damplifier Pro to strengthen panels.

Damplifier Pro to kill vibration waves and stop heat transfer.

Thermal Block on the firewall/footwell areas to deflect that intense engine heat away.

More Thermal Block to keep the heat out.

Completely lined with Thermal Block.

Next up, Heat Wave Pro for thermal insulation.

Heat Wave Pro lining the headliner.

Heat Wave Pro lined in the foot well to keep those toes nice and cool

When doing it all, do it right...Luxury Liner Pro on the interior panels to block out air borne sound and thermally insulate this monster engine!!!

More Luxury Liner Pro on that back wall/seat area. Mass loaded vinyl is the only product that can block out exhaust drone and turbo noise.

Mass Loaded Vinyl everywhere it fits in the interior.

Mega Zorbe to fill the voids to absorb air borne sound and thermally insulate, and super lightweight too.

Last but not least, Mega Zorbe Hydrophobic Melamine Foam for the headliner to be finished off.

Ever wonder what a Micro Machine SLC would look like? Cam had his Superlite SQUISHED by SquishMyRide

More Custom Built Sound Deadening Projects

Bird's eye view of Mark S's Superlite GT-R Build

When you are building a custom made race car, you got to have that big ole engine to power it all.

Damplifier Pro covering the cabin side firewall (Approx. 10 sqft).

Damplifier Pro on the engine side firewall (Approx. 8 sqft).

Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro barrier layer on the floor.

Luxury Liner Pro lines the entire floor to block out air borne noise and thermally insulate.

Luxury Liner Pro in the foot wells to keep out that engine heat.

Spectrum and Luxury Liner Pro line the outer door skins.

Doors like bank vaults with the Spectrum and Luxury Liner Pro combination.

superlite GT-R

Type of Project: Full Vehicle Noise and Thermal Insulation 

Products used: 62 sqft of Damplifier/Damplifier Pro CLD (Firewall, Floor, Back Wall)

60 sqft of Luxury Liner Pro MLV (Floor, Doors)

20 sqft of Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadening (Doors)

Accessories: Spray Adhesive (2 cans), Wooden Roller, Spectrum Spray Gun + Bottle

ALLAN's SuperLITE Garage

We didn't know anything about this customer Allan J who had been buying Second Skin materials for over 12 years until he finally called in one day to chat about an order. That is when we found out Allan has been building 2-3 of these high-performance SLT cars every year in his spare time. He has built over 26 of them in the past 12 years all fully skinned with Second Skin Damplifier Pro and other materials such as Luxury Liner Pro to knock down the exhaust/road noise and Thermal Block to deflect the engine heat away from the driver. One heck of a line up of custom made vehicles by one man in his garage....thanks for insisting on high-quality Second Skin for these beautiful builds.

Superlite Soundproofing

All 3 built by Allan in 2018.

SLC Superlite Car Thermal Insulation

One man building dream cars as a hobby in his piece at a time.

Superlite SLC Sound Deadening

Old school rides always have the best interior detail nice.

SLC Soundproofing

These are very sexy cars....vroom vroom!!!

Even when the sun goes down, this ride looks fresh and wet...what a sweet Pontiac!!!

Custom rat rod

Type of Project: Vibration Control Floor

Products used: 36 sqft of Damplifier/Damplifier Pro CLD

Accessories: Wooden Roller

Ken's superlite car build

Ken has been building this awesome Superlite Car throughout 2020 and he has the eye for detail for sure. From his very detailed cut outs to his custom lined fur walls, this Superlite Car has it all. Big engine, cool lights, and a premium sound system which he used a Damplifier Pro cardboard box to mock up his sub woofer box. This build is going to be an eye catcher when it is done for sure!!!

Check out Ken's build progress on his Instagram channel at slab723 

Superlite Car Soundproofing

Ken's Superlite Car being built from the ground up.

Big engines like this create lots of heat around the driver...Thermal Block to the rescue.

Superlite Car Soundproofing

Always start with the Damplifier Pro on the metal and a cold beer helps sometimes too.

Superlite Car Sound Deadening

The foot box lined with Damplifier Pro to stop both vibration and heat transfer.

We did mention FUR right??? Too sexy.

Detailed cuts and patterns help for an easier install later. This Luxury Liner Pro MLV is being cut to exact measurements for placement.

Tracing and trimming is the fun part lol Heat Wave Pro, Luxury Liner, and Luxury Liner Pro all being prepared for cuts.

SLC Soundproofing

Luxury Liner Pro MLV cut to fit perfectly.

Second Skin boxes come in handy when custom fabricating your dream car.

From card board to carbon fiber...with a little help from Second Skin.

Subwoofer, fur, and light what more could you ask for in your Superlite Car?

Seats installed...almost time to go racing right?