Closed Cell Foam

Closed cell foam is a much more structurally sound foam due to its closed cell structure. These cells are like tiny air pockets piled together in a compact configuration, resembling inflated balloons nestled tightly together. The closed cells are relatively impermeable to water, air, and heat. Because closed cell foam is a higher density foam than open cell foams (about 4x denser than melamine foam), it is both more firm and more durable. Its easy to confuse the two types, so you may want to learn more about closed cell foam vs open cell foam.

Closed cell foam sheets are commonly used in automotive and marine applications due to their ease of use, thermal insulation, and water resistance. Closed cell spray foams are more common in homes, usually as insulation between walls studs or as a sealant.

Second Skin’s OverKill Pro and OverKill closed cell foam sheets were designed for automotive and marine use. These OEM approved foams are infused with rubber to increase resistance to flames, compression, and automotive fluids. Closed cell foam won’t absorb much noise, but it’s a lightweight thermal insulator and very effective for decoupling rattling hard surfaces, like the car’s plastic panels.