Heat Shield

Heat shields are designed to protect structures from extreme temperatures by reflecting or absorbing heat. A good heat shield needs to have high thermal resistance and thermal emittance, so it can withstand high temperatures and reflect and release the heat away from itself. Heat shields are commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

A car heat shield can be an important tool to protect key components and bodywork from heat damage. The heat given off by your engine and traveling through the exhaust tunnel can reduce your engine’s performance, increase the temperature in your car cabin, damage mechanical parts behind the dash, and reduce the expected life of your paint job. Applying an engine heat shield or exhaust heat shield can help solve these problems.

Second Skin offers two types of radiant heat insulation. Mega Block is temperature rated to 1000 F and is backed with insulating melamine foam for best-in-class automotive heat insulation. Thermal Block is temperature rated to 800 F and backed with organic fibers. Both heat shields are lightweight, 98% reflective, and include a peel and stick backing for easy application. If you are concerned about heat in your car, a heat shield can be a great solution to increase the longevity of your vehicle and your comfort level while driving it.