Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl (or MLV) is an acoustical barrier that blocks sound wave transmission to provide excellent noise reduction. Safer than lead and denser than drywall, mass loaded vinyl is a high density, limp material that’s engineered to be an effective sound barrier. Manufactured from PVC vinyl that has been compounded with inert materials to increase density, MLV is well suited for automotive, industrial, and building applications.

Mass loaded vinyl is typically colored black with a density between 1 lb and 2 lbs per square foot. It’s most often bought in large rolls, but Second Skin also sells sheets because they’re much easier to ship and some projects need less square footage. MLV is odorless, heat resistant, waterproof, tear resistant, and has a high STC rating for effective noise blocking. One of the most common uses for MLV is soundproofing walls.

Because mass loaded vinyl is flexible, it’s the ideal noise blocking material to fit around the contours of a vehicle. It’s extremely effective for home or commercial use as well, and often used to reduce noise transmission in in soundproofing ceilings, walls, machinery enclosures, ductwork, a generator sound box, to soundproof a door, and even to build a DIY sound barrier fence. Because it’s so heavy, MLV should be adhered with an extremely strong adhesive (like acrylic tape or vinyl cement) or fastened with screws, staples, nails, or reinforced grommets.