What is the Cost of Soundproofing a Car

Cost of Soundproofing a Car

The cost to soundproof a car depends on a handful of factors.

What type of car is it?
Do you have a 2 Door Coupe or a Full Size SUV. A larger vehicle takes more material.
How loud is the car and how much sound do you want to reduce?
If you’re experiencing 75-85 db driving at highway speeds, your own sanity likely demands a larger investment. There are two types of noise in a vehicle: structural and airborne. A good car soundproofing plan accounts for both in the budget.
What’s the source of the noise?
If you have engine noise, you wouldn’t want to treat the roof. If you just want to stop the trunk from rattling, there’s no need to soundproof the car doors. We cover the different treatment strategies in our car soundproofing guide.

Cost to soundproof a car, truck, suv or van

As we mentioned earlier, there are two types of noise in a vehicle.

  • Structural noise is the vibrating metal components. We have two go-to products to damp those vibrations: Damplifier Pro sound deadening mat or Spectrum liquid deadener. Both score extremely well in NVH testing and are absolutely necessary. Appy them to as much metal as you are able. Stop the vibrations, stop the noise. We also recommend staying away from cheap alternatives like peel and seal sound deadening mats.
  • Airborne noise is the road, engine, exhaust, and loud tire noise. To stop airborne noise, you have to block it with an automotive sound barrier. Luxury Liner Pro is designed to be incredible at blocking noise, and would be installed with 100% coverage on the cabin side firewall, floor, and trunk.
Type of Vehicle Structural Noise Airborne Noise Structural + Airborne
Compact Car
Mid-Size Car
Full Size Sedan
2-Door Truck
4-Door Truck
Compact SUV
Full Size SUV


If you combine Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro together in a vehicle, you’ll reduce the noise level when traveling at highway speeds by 10-15 db. It’s an incredible combination, and we sell the two materials together in our Vehicle Build Kits.

You’ll notice – nowhere in this plan did we talk about foam. Sound deadening foam is excellent when combined with Damplifier Pro in the doors, on the roof, and behind plastic panels. We use OverKill Pro or Mega Zorbe depending on the situation.

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Parts of the car to soundproof

If you just want to focus on soundproofing one part of your vehicle, we also have kits for specific vehicle parts that have everything you need in them, including accessories like tape, spray adhesive, and a hand roller.

Product Price Range
Car Audio Door Kits
$235 - $560
Roof Kits
$300 - $700
Trunk Kits
$290 - $410
Hood Kits
$215 - $300
Engine Firewall Kits
$250 - $340
Car Floor Kits
Use a Vehicle Package
Wheel Well Spray Kits
Undercoating Spray Kits

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