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Car Audio Door Soundproofing Kit

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Audio Door Kits: Improve Door Sound Quality



Second Skin's Audio Door Kits will significantly improve the quality of sound from your door's speakers. The typical door cavity acts like an empty room, bouncing sound waves back into the speakers and creating echos that distort your music. The Audio Door Kit has everything you need for car door sound deadening. The Damplifier Pro mats are 2mm of American made butyl rubber (NO ASPHALT!) and a thick, annealed foil to stop structural noise from door rattles. OverKill Pro is a closed cell foam sheet that will fix that empty cavern in your door panel. Speaker Tweakers are a Team Second Skin special, and the easiest way to break up speaker backfire. All you need to decide is whether you want to insulate 2 or 4 doors!


The door is one of the most complicated parts of the car due to various wires, cranks, and switches. Every car make and model will have a different installation strategy depending on the construction of the door. We're going to walk through some of the most common applications. Give us a call if you need more help determining what's right for your vehicle.


  • Sound Deadening: Apply Damplifier Pro to both the outer door skin and the inner door skin. The outside metal is often unsupported and very floppy, so you'll want more coverage there than on the inner skin where the metal is more reinforced. We recommend at least 60% coverage on the outer door skin. If you have 60% or more on the outer skin, you can likely get by with 40% coverage on the inner skin.
  • Closed Cell Foam - Strategy 1: Apply OverKill Pro directly on top of the Damplifier Pro on the outer door skin, inside the door cavity. The foam helps clean up back waves and echos inside the door to give you better overall sound quality. The idea is the same as putting a carpet in an empty room to give the room better acoustics. If installing a product inside the door panel, the challenges you may run into are [1] access to the outer skin (some doors don't come apart) and [2] ensuring the window will still roll up and down.
  • Closed Cell Foam - Strategy 2: The other place to apply OverKill Pro is between the inner door skin and the door's panel. In this location, OverKill Pro will decouple the door's metal from the panel, reducing rattles and making a big difference in speaker sound quality. Some cars don't have 3/8 inch of clearance in this location, so you should either switch to the thinner OverKill product (1/8 inch thick) or force the OverKill Pro to compress when you reattach the door (it'll still do its job as a decoupler). The key with this strategy is to cut out gaps in the produce to preserve any holes designed by the car's engineers and make space for wires or anything that moves (door locks, window cranks). Some of our dealer partners swear by shoving OverKill Pro into as many voids as they can find (including cupholders) and have seen drops of 1-2 decibels every time they do this behind various panels.
  • Closed Cell Foam + MLV (Premium) - Strategy 1: Use Luxury Liner Pro to create a noise barrier on top of the Damplifier Pro on the outer door skin. As long as you have access and clearance for the window, MLV is the best MLV sound barrier for stopping sound from getting through the door. Complete your door's transformation into a luxury car door.
  • Closed Cell Foam + MLV (Premium) - Strategy 2: As popularized by Mark at CarAudioFabrication in this video, you can use Luxury Liner Pro to turn your door into a mini sub box and increase mid bass. This strategy requires you to cut as few holes as possible to preserve the barrier's integrity, and should be installed using industrial strength velcro so you can access the door later if needed.
  • Speaker Tweakers: Each pad should be adhered 3 to 8 inches behind the speaker with ridges facing the speaker. Use Super Strong Tape or super glue as an adhesive. 


Standard Audio Door Kit (2 Doors) 

Premium Audio Door Kit (2 Doors) 

Standard Audio Door Kit (4 Doors) 

Premium Audio Door Kit (4 Doors) 

Damplifier Pro Install Guide

Luxury Liner Pro Install Instructions

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