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Firewall™ Thermal Insulation Kit

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Firewall™ Thermal Insulation Kit

Second Skin's Firewall™ Kits will take any vehicle firewall from 0 to 100. Damplifier Pro™ mats are 2mm of American made butyl rubber (NO ASPHALT!) and a thick, annealed foil. The sound deadening mats will deaden your firewall's vibrations while also adding some much needed thermal insulation. Your second layer is Mega Block™, our top of the line thermal insulator and radiant heat barrier. By combining Damplifier Pro™ with an engine heat shield, you'll be shielded from engine heat while also creating a soundproof firewall to reduce engine noise in your cabin. We also have a thermal ceramic coating that can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on!


Most firewalls are irregular surfaces, so you'll need to cut both your Damplifier Pro™ and your Mega Block™ to fit for the best results. Damplifier Pro™ should be applied to as close to 100% of the metal firewall as possible to get the full benefits of Damplifier Pro™'s thermal insulation. Cut the Mega Block™ to fit with scissors and then tape the seams with foil insulation tape. Both Damplifier Pro™ and Mega Block™ include a peel & stick adhesive for easy application. Make sure you have 2" of clearance between any insulation materials and your heat source.


What in the Kit?


Standard Firewall™ Kit

Large Firewall™ Kit




 Size Options   Standard or Large 
 Square Foot Coverage   13 sq ft or 20 sq ft 
 Damplifier Pro™ Dimensions   12" x 20" 
 Damplifier Pro™ Thickness  2mm 
 Damplifier Pro™ Temperature Rating   -75°F to 450°F
 Mega Block™ Dimensions   24" x 24"
 Mega Block™ Thickness  1/2" thick
 Mega Block™ Temperature Rating  -40 F to 1000°F




 Damplifier Pro™ Product Sheet  Damplifier Pro Product Sheet  
 Damplifier Pro™ Spec Sheet   Damplifier Pro™ Technical Spec Sheet 
 Damplifier Pro™ Install Guide   Damplifier Pro™ Install Guide 
 Mega Block™ Product Sheet  Mega Block™ Product Sheet



Material Testing

Mega Block™

Flammability Ratings:  Description:    Rating:
 FAR 25.856, BSS7365, AITM 2.0053   Radiant Panel 

 After Flame: 0 Seconds

 Flame Propagation: < 1”

 ASTM 662-83, BSS7238  Smoke Generation

 Flaming: Ds (1.5 min) = 57 

 Ds (4.0 min) = 77 

 BSS7239                                      Toxicity                                      Pass
 DIN 5510  

 Flammability: S4

 Smoke: SR2

 Drips: ST2


Foil Heat Shield Specifications

 Base Fabric Type:  Plain Weave Fiberglass 
 Aluminum Foil thickness:   0.001 inches 
 Flame Out   1 sec max
 Temperature Range:  
 Composite  *-40°F to 1,000°F

 1000°F requires 2” between the

 heat shield and the heat source

 *PSA Temperature Range

 -40°F to 450°F


Acoustical Properties

ASTM E1050 testing method used to record acoustical absorption coefficients at various thicknesses and frequencies.

                                          Frequency (Hz)

 Foam Thickness:   125   250   500   1000   2000   4000   NRC 
 0.50 in.  11  12  25  42  77  94  45 
 1.0 in.  18  23  50  82  99  99  60


For full material testing data, check out our Mega Block™ product listing.


Damplifier Pro™ Adhesion

 Tested Properties   Performance 
 Salt Spray Aging  Pass
 Heat Aging   Pass
 Humidity Aging  Pass
 Environmental Cycle Aging   Pass
 400°F Sag (4 hours)  Pass
 -40°F Cold Slam (4 hours, 6 slams)   Pass



Installation Instructions

  • Install locations:
    • Hood - cover entire lid with foil facing the engine
    • Firewall - engine side
    • For rear-engine design layouts, apply to the vehicle's back wall.
  • Installing your Firewall Thermal Insulation is easy!
    • First, make sure the surface is cleaned of dirt and oil
    • While wearing gloves, cut the Damplifier Pro™ sound deadening mats to size with a utility knife. 
    • Use your hands to flatten the sound deadening mats on your firewall, with 100% coverage.
    • Use a hands roller to roll out any air pockets
  • Mega Block™ has a peel and stick backing.
    • To install Mega Block™, simply peel and stick on top of the Damplifier Pro™ sound deadening mats as your second layer!
    • cut Mega Block™ with a utility knife as needed!



Common Product Uses

  • Soundproof and improve your car audio overall
  • You can also use Damplifier Pro™ sound deadening mats on your:
    • Floors
    • Doors
    • Trunk
    • roof
    • Hood
    • Firewall
  • Use Luxury Liner Pro™ on:
    • Floors
    • Doors
    • Trunk
    • Cabin firewall
  • Use Mega Zorbe™ on:
    • Doors
    • Roof



 Contact us if you have any questions!