Car Firewall Kit

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Car Firewall Kit - Damplifier Pro & Mega Block



Second Skin's Firewall Kits will take any car firewall from 0 to 100. Damplifier Pro mats are 2mm of American made butyl rubber (NO ASPHALT!) and a thick, annealed foil. The sound deadening mats will deaden your firewall's vibrations while also adding some much needed thermal insulation. Your second layer is Mega Block, our top of the line thermal insulator and radiant heat barrier. By combining Damplifier Pro with an engine heat shield, you'll be shielded from engine heat while also adding a good deal of soundproofing to reduce engine noise in your car cabin.


Most car firewalls are irregular surfaces, so you'll need to cut both your Damplifier Pro and your Mega Block to fit for the best results. Damplifier Pro should be applied to as close to 100% of the metal firewall as possible to get the full benefits of Damplifier Pro's thermal insulation. Cut the Mega Block to fit with scissors and then tape the seams with foil insulation tape. Both Damplifier Pro and Mega Block include a peel & stick adhesive for easy application. Make sure you have 2" of clearance between any insulation materials and your heat source.


Standard Car Firewall Kit

Large Car Firewall Kit


Damplifier Pro Install Guide

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