Trunk Sound Deadening Kit

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Trunk Kit - Damplifier Pro Deadening Mats, Luxury Liner Pro MLV, Spray Adhesive, & Hand Roller



The Second Skin Trunk Sound Deadening Kit has exactly what you need to do a trunk soundproofing project. Whether you have a subwoofer that's rattling the back of your car or just tired of the loud cargo area, the trunk kit has you covered. The Damplifier Pro mats are 2mm of American made butyl rubber (NO ASPHALT!) and a thick, annealed foil. Luxury Liner Pro fuses closed cell foam and automotive mass loaded vinyl into a 3/8" thick sheet that blocks noise about as well as a wall in your house.


Damplifier Pro should be applied to the entire surface area of the trunk - in the spare tire case, on the trunk lid, everywhere. Adhesive is included in your trunk kit, so just cut, peel, and stick. We recommend 60% coverage, but if you have a subwoofer back there you should do 100%. Luxury Liner Pro should be applied on top of the Damplifier Pro foam side down. The goal is to create as close to 100% coverage as possible with the barrier layer to ensure effective noise blocking. We recommend taping the seams to help prevent gaps (Foil Insulation Tape will work). Do not hang Luxury Liner Pro upside down.


Standard Trunk Kit

Large Trunk Kit


Customer Trunk Kit Install

Step 1: Damplifier Pro 

cavalier-trunk-install-4.jpg  cavalier-trunk-install-2.jpg



cavalier-trunk-install-11.jpg  cavalier-trunk-install-5.jpg 


Step 2: Luxury Liner Pro 

 cavalier-trunk-install-8.jpg   cavalier-trunk-install-3.jpg  



Damplifier Pro Install Guide


Luxury Liner Pro Install Guide 


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