Wheel Well Soundproofing Kit

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Spectrum™ Wheel Well Soundproofing Kit

It’s never been easier to reduce the noise in your vehicle and have a quieter more comfortable ride. With the Spectrum Wheel Well kit, reduce cabin noise by 3 to 5 decibels with minimal investment and NO NEED to remove anything inside the vehicle. Spectrum is the perfect external treatment for anyone looking to make their vehicle quieter with as little effort as possible. Stop the vibrations, stop the noise!


Product Information

  • Wheel well sound deadening will reduce noise inside the cabin 3-5 decibels by damping structural vibrations at the source!
  • Fully exterior application. No need to access the vehicle interior of the vehicle
  • 2 gallons is enough to do all 4 wheel wells with a total thickness of 3mm (3 layers)
  • Apply with a brush, roller, or spray gun
  • Proudly made in the USA

Spectrum Wheel Well Soundproofing Kit

  • Add Spectrum in 1mm layers to a total thickness of 3mm (3 coats)
  • Spectrum should only be applied to the metal wheel well. We do not recommend applying to the plastic casing or other obstructions.
  • Easy application with a paint brush or spray gun
  • Spectrum was designed as an soundproof undercoating. If you want to continue seeing reducing the noise levels further, coat the entire undercarriage!


  Spec Sheet    Spectrum Spec Sheet 
  Install Guide    Spectrum Install Guide 


Product Usage Tips

  • Clean up with water within 30 minutes of application. Do not wait longer or Spectrum will dry. Always clean the spray gun between coats by running water through it.
  • If applying multiple layers of Spectrum, wait 30-60 minutes for the product to cure and change color from blue to black.
  • The temperature must be above 50°F for the entire 24 hours cure period after applying Spectrum. Dry times increase with low temperatures and high humidity. If you expect longer than usual dry times, we recommend thinner layers (0.5mm instead of 1mm) to the same total thickness.
  • Spectrum is designed to adhere to metal. Do not apply to plastic or fiberglass without the proper primer. If applying to a high gloss wax coat, you must sand down and apply a primer.
  • Do not freeze Spectrum! If it does freeze, do not mix, shake, or move until it has completely thawed.
  • Wait 24-36 hours (depending on humidity) before putting upholstery back in the vehicle. Wait 7 to 10 days before painting or applying a bed liner.
  • As Spectrum cures, its deadening properties will continue to increase. Vibration damping doubles from 4 hours --> 48 hours, and continues improving for 7 days.
  • Spectrum contains rust inhibitors and dries with a seamless finish (waterproof)
  • Shelf life of 1 year when stored at room temperature