Vehicle Soundproofing Packages

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Vehicle Build Packages - Damplifier Pro™ Deadening Mats & Luxury Liner Pro™

* Made In USA*


Second Skin Vehicle Build Packages contain the core products you need to turn any car into a luxury vehicle. By combining our high quality sound dampening mats with an extremely effective noise barrier, you're purchasing the best sound and thermal insulation available on the market. The Damplifier Pro™ mats are 2mm of American made butyl rubber (NO ASPHALT!) and a thick, annealed foil. Luxury Liner Pro fuses closed cell foam and automotive mass loaded vinyl into a 3/8" thick sheet that blocks noise about as well as a double paned window.


What's in the Kit? 

  • Damplifier Pro™ is our premium sound deadening mat. Apply it directly to metal to damp vibrations and reduce structural noise.
  • Luxury Liner Pro™ is our best automotive noise barrier. Install it as a second layer to build an extra "wall" to block airborne noise inside the cabin.
  • (Add On) Wooden Hand Roller is an optional add on to assist in bonding the Damplifier Pro™ to the metal.



Vehicle Package Options

** You should measure your vehicle to make sure you get the right square footage! **

 Kit Options   Material #1: Damplifier Pro™   Material #2: Luxury Liner Pro™ 
 2-Door Car Build Package   36 Sq Ft   36 Sq Ft 
 Mid Size Car Build Package   55 Sq Ft   45 Sq Ft 
 Full Size Sedan Build Package   80 Sq Ft   54 Sq Ft 
 Compact Sport Utility Vehicle Build Package   120 Sq Ft    72 Sq Ft 
 Full Size SUV / Minivan Build Package   120 Sq Ft   90 Sq Ft 
 2-Door Truck Build Package   55 Sq Ft    45 Sq Ft  
 Extended Cab / 4-Door Truck Build Package  120 Sq Ft   72 Sq Ft 




   Damplifier Pro™   Luxury Liner Pro™ 
 Dimensions   12" x 20"   24" x 54" 
 Sq Ft Coverage 1.67 SF per sheet 9 SF per sheet
 Thickness   2mm   3/8" 
 Weight   0.7 lbs per sq ft   1.25 lbs per sq ft 
 Temperature Rating   -75°F to 450°F   180°F 
 What does it do?   Damp structural vibrations   Block airborne noise 




 Install Guide 

 Vehicle Soundproofing Package Install Guide 




Installation Instructions


Recommended Adhesive Options: Spray Adhesive, 3M 90, Super Strong Double Sided TapeDual Lock Reclosable Fastener

  1. Remove plastic panels and upholstery to reveal the bare metal of your vehicle. Remove debris. Clean the surface with denatured alcohol.
  2. Peel and stick Damplifier Pro™ sheets by removing the paper backing. Roll on with a hand roller.
  3. Install Luxury Liner Pro™ with as close to 100% coverage as possible with the grey foam side facing down (black MLV facing up). Tape seams.

See our Vehicle Soundproofing Package Install Guide for detailed instructions!