Damplifier Pro™ Deadening Mats

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How Much Damplifier Pro Do I Need?

Vehicle Class

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Vehicle Coverage

Estimated Square Footage

0Sq Ft
How do I get exact square footage?
  1. Get a tape measurer
  2. Measure the length and width of each surface
  3. Length x Width = Square Footage

Why Choose Damplifer Pro?

Engineered to be #1 in damping. Designed to be #1 in your heart.


Stop the vibrations. Stop the noise. Up to 10x the performance of cheap knock offs.


Extreme tested from Death Valley to the Frozen Tundra Thermal range: -75°F to 450°F


Guaranteed to stick until pigs fly. Won’t melt, out gas, or fall off.

Used and Trusted By The Best

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Damplifier Pro isn’t made in some overseas factory and brought here on a ship. It’s made with care right here in the USA, supporting American manufacturing and jobs.

The Science of Vibration Damping

Constraint layer dampers have been used for decades. Three basic inputs determine performance. damplifier mat

Constraint Layer

The foil constraint layer should be sturdy and rigid. The Second Skin annealed foil is 3x as thick as the cheap knock offs.

Butyl Composition

Butyl should be rubbery and elastic with a high tensile strength and elongation. Cheap fillers result in brittle, underperforming butyl.

Butyl Thickness

For a mat to be high performance, it needs to be at least 1mm thick (40 mil). Performance increases with thickness, but eventually plateaus.
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How Do I Install Damplifier Pro?

Recommended Tools

utility knife, hand roller, gloves and denatured alcohol utility knife, hand roller, gloves and denatured alcohol


Remove upholstery and plastic parts to expose the bare sheet metal.


Ensure no debris, rust, or waxy oils are on the application surface.


Cut the sheets with a utility knife to the appropriate size. Wear gloves.


Remove paper liner. Flatten butyl to the surface with your hand. Roll out air pockets with a hand roller.


  • Elastomeric butyl compound with no cheap fillers or asphalt
  • Annealed, black matte foil with ghosted Second Skin logos
  • 2mm sound deadening material: total thickness (80mil)
  • Each sheet is 12” x 20” (1.67 sq ft) and weighs about 0.70 lbs/sq ft
  • Temperature rated from -75°F to 450°F
  • Guaranteed adhesion for the life of your vehicle
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Damplifier Pro Product Sheet

Combine with Luxury Liner Pro MLV for a vehicle as a powerful one-two punch to also address airborne noise.

Damplifier Pro is not just for cars. It can be used to sound proof any metal that is vibrating, whether that's HVAC ducts or a metal generator quiet box.

Damplifier Pro Technical Specs

Install Guide PDF 



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