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Spectrum Sound Deadening Spray Kits

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Spectrum Spray Kits - Spectrum Liquid Deadener, Spray Gun, & Bottle



The Second Skin Spectrum Spray Kit is the complete package if you're looking for a spray on sound deadener. Our custom formula for this high heat, viscoelastic polymer delivers premier sound deadening through spray or brush on application methods. In addition to being an excellent substitute for Damplifier Pro, Spectrum can be used in addition to our mat products due to its effectiveness in hard to reach areas. Spectrum is an excellent wheel well spray liner and for car undercoating soundproofing - both of which will reduce road noise. Spectrum's formula allows it to deaden metal and stop vibrations wherever you apply it.


Spectrum Spray Kit

Product Usage

  • Clean up with water within 30 minutes of application. Do not wait longer or Spectrum will dry. Always clean the spray gun between coats by running water through it.
  • If applying multiple layers of Spectrum, wait 30-60 minutes for the product to cure and change color from blue to black.
  • It must be above 50°F for the entire 24 hours cure period after applying Spectrum. Dry times increase with low temperatures and high humidity. If you expect longer than usual dry times, we recommend thinner layers (0.5mm instead of 1mm) to the same total thickness.
  • Spectrum is designed to adhere to metal. Do not apply to plastic or fiberglass without the proper primer. If applying to a high gloss wax coat, you must sand down and apply a primer.
  • Do not freeze Spectrum! If it does freeze, do not mix, shake, or move until it has completely thawed.
  • Wait 24-36 hours (depending on humidity) before putting upholstery back in the vehicle. Wait 7 to 10 days before painting or applying a bedliner.
  • As Spectrum cures, its deadening properties will continue to increase. Vibration damping doubles from 4 hours --> 48 hours, and continues improving for 7 days.
  • Spectrum is not a bed liner. Even after it has cured, it can be damaged by heavy impact.
  • Shelf life of 1 year when stored at room temperature

Spectrum Install Guide



Suggested Thickness:

Recommended thickness = 80-120 mils (2-3mm)
Maximum = 196 mils (5mm)

Spectrum Spray Gun 

4 to 6.5 CFM @ 50 - 80 PSI 


Weight per wet gallon = 12.5 lbs.

Weight per cured gallon = 11.0 lbs

Coverage: 1 gallon = 40 sq ft @ 1mm thickness

Coverage: 1 gallon = 20 sqft @ 2 mm thickness (2 coats recommended)

High heat formula resist temperatures up to 400 F. Must be two or more inches from any heat source



 Spectrum technical specs


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