Hood Insulation Kit

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Hood Insulation Kits



Why Upgrade Your Hood Insulation?

If you don't have hood insulation or the existing hood liner is old/worn out, your vehicle will benefit from upgraded underhood insulation. Our hood kits include one of our two most popular hood insulation materials and the option to combine them with a vibration damper for additional sound and heat control.


  • Hood insulation protects your hood's paint while allowing the vehicle to gets better gas mileage and cool down quicker in hot weather.
  • An absorptive hood liner also will muffle engine noise.
  • When combining our hood insulation materials with Damplifier Pro or Spectrum, noise inside the vehicle cabin is reduced by 3-5 dB! (20-30% less perceived noise)



Hood Insulation Kit Options 

Standard Hood Kit

Premium Hood Kit


Hood Insulation Kit Installation

Step 1 - Clean the metal with denatured alcohol.



Step 2 - Test fit and cut the Damplifier Pro. Install the vibration damping sheets by pushing the product on and then rolling it tight with the included wooden roller.




Step 3 - Test fit your Heat Wave Pro heat shield and cut to fit with scissors. Once fitted, an extra set of hands are helpful to hold the sheet while installing. Spray both Heat Wave Pro and the installed Damplifier Pro with spray adhesive. Wait 90-120 seconds for glue to tack. Push the Heat Wave Pro onto the hood on top of the installed Damplifier Pro, starting from the middle push towards the outer edges. Hold in place until glue has fully bonded. Tape the edges and seams of the hood's upgraded thermal insulation with the included foil tape. If your previous hood liner was held with physical fasteners, we recommend using those same fasteners on the Heat Wave Pro hood insulation.