Luxury Liner Pro™ Sheet - MLV + Foam

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How Much Luxury Liner Pro Do I Need?

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How do I get exact square footage?
  1. Get a tape measurer
  2. Measure the length and width of each surface
  3. Length x Width = Square Footage

Second Skin Audio: Luxury Liner Pro Sheets

Road noise, especially on the highway, can be enough to distort any car audio system, and in some vehicles can even prevent a normal conversation. Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro is our best automotive sound barrier insulation, designed to be used on top of our vibration dampers to block the transfer of the most difficult airborne sound waves. Keep out road noise and other disruptive noises with a noise barrier from Second Skin Audio. 


About Luxury Liner Pro Sheets:

  • Luxury Liner Pro is a sheet of fused mass loaded vinyl and closed cell foam
  • Raw virgin automotive mass loaded vinyl (MLV) is flexible and won’t smell, perfect for vehicles
  • Closed cell foam (CCF) acts as a decoupler to simplify installation and adds automotive heat insulation
  • Insulates for both extreme noise and temperature
  • Apply with a spray adhesive or strong double-sided tape
  • Made in the USA


Luxury Liner Pro Specifications


Dimensions Thickness Weight
   24" x 54" (9 Sq Ft)       3/8” thick       1.25 pounds per square foot   


  STC Rating     R-Value Per Inch     Temperature Rating  
 28  4.45  180°F


Product Usage Tips


Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro car application surfaces and square footage


how to install Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro



Sound Transmission Loss


 Frequency (Hz)  125   250   500   1000   2000   4000 
 Sound Transmission Loss (dB)    20  21  25  28  32  42




STC Rating: 28


Thermal Insulation R-Value


 Direction of Heat Flow        R-Value  
 Up 9.50
 Down 17.75
 Horizontal 11.22

R-Value per inch: 4.45 (roughly 50% more than many types of home insulation)

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