Luxury Liner Pro™ Sheet - MLV + Foam

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Road noise, especially on the highway, can be enough to distort any car audio system, and in some vehicles can even prevent a normal conversation. Luxury Liner Pro is our best automotive noise insulation barrier, designed to be used on top of our vibration dampers to block the transfer of the most difficult airborne sound waves. Turn any vehicles into your personal of calm by adding a noise barrier to your sound deadening.


  • 3/8” thick sheet of fused mass loaded vinyl and closed cell foam
  • Each sheet is 24” x 54” (9 Sq Ft)
  • Weight: 1.25 pounds per square foot
  • Raw virgin mass loaded vinyl (MLV) is flexible and won’t smell, perfect for vehicles
  • Closed cell foam (CCF) acts as a decoupler to simplify installation
  • Insulates for both extreme noise and temperature
  • Apply with a spray adhesive or strong double-sided tape
  • Made in the USA



Product Usage

  • Luxury Liner Pro comes with a permanently fused foam layer, removing this time consuming step from the install process.
  • We recommend our High Temp Spray Adhesive or Super Strong Double Sided Tape to attach the product to the top of the sound deadener. Apply adhesive to the FOAM SIDE with the foam facing downwards.
  • Luxury Liner Pro is heavy and should not be installed to the underside of horizontal surfaces, such as a ceiling.

Recommended Install Locations

  • Floor - front firewall all the way back to the rear deck seat wall
  • Firewall - cabin side
  • Trunk - entire floor including over the wheel wells
  • Doors - outer or inner door skin (it depends on your goals)

Application Instructions

  1. For best results, Luxury Liner Pro should be applied on top of a sound deadener, such as our Damplifier Pro or Spectrum. It’ll be the final layer of your multi-layer sound insulation bubble.
  2. If upholstery or carpet is not already out, remove it. Ensure there’s no loose debris, rust, dirt, or waxy oils.
  3. Cut Luxury Liner Pro to the desired size with a sharp utility knife or a good pair of scissors. Be sure to cut to a size that will allow you to reinstall the carpet and upholstery trim. Do not cover wires, drain holes, or mechanical devices. This part of the project is more art than science, as you need to have as few gaps as possible in your noise barrier while avoiding interference with other parts of the car.
  4. Spray a high tack spray adhesive (ours is very strong) on both application surfaces. Apply one coat on the foam side of the Luxury Liner Pro, and one on the application panel or the foil side of your Damplifier Pro. Be mindful of adhesive overspray and ventilation.
  5. Wait 1-2 minutes for the gases to be released from the glue and it to become tacky. Then press the tacky side of the Luxury Liner Pro down to the panel. Apply constant pressure over the entire surface for several minutes to ensure a solid bond.
  6. Seal any exposed edges or seams with Foil Insulation Tape. The goal is to create as close to an unbroken noise barrier as possible.
  7. Factory carpet can be replaced immediately. Aftermarket carpet kits can be attached directly to the exposed mass loaded vinyl side of Luxury Liner Pro.

Luxury Liner Pro Install Guide


Sound Transmission Loss


 Frequency (Hz)  125   250   500   1000   2000   4000 
 Sound Transmission Loss (dB)    20  21  25  28  32  42




STC Rating: 28


Thermal Insulation R-Value


 Direction of Heat Flow        R-Value  
 Up 9.50
 Down 17.75
 Horizontal 11.22

R-Value per inch: 4.45 (roughly 50% more than many types of home insulation)

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