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Speaker Tweakers - Anechoic Pad Set

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Speaker Tweaker Anechoic Pads

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Speakers reproduce acoustic signals as sound waves and send them in two directions: forwards and backwards. We hear the sound waves sent forward as the desired music. Sound waves that are sent backwards go inside the door panel and then reflect back towards the speaker. This rear wave reflection interferes with the natural movement of the speakers causing distortion and acoustical cancellation. Adding Speaker Tweaker anechoic pads inside your door will break up these backfire waves to improve your speaker's mid-range and mid-bass, serving as a vital part of an overall sound dampening car audio solution.



  • Each Speaker Tweaker is a 7 inch, round disc of siliconized rubber with 1/8" raised grooves
  • Speaker Tweakers are the easiest way to improve the sound quality of door speakers
  • Clean up the mid-range and mid-bass from door speakers or kick pods by breaking up back fire sound waves




 Dimensions   7" diameter 
 Thickness   1/4" 
 Grooves   1/8" 
 Color  Black



Installation Instructions

Recommended adhesivesSuper Strong Double Sided Tape or super glue 

**Do not use spray adhesive **

  • Remove your door panels and speaker coverings
  • Install Damplifier Pro™ Sound Deadening mats on your door
  • Adhere each Speaker Tweaker pad 3 to 8 inches behind the speakers with the raised ridges facing the speaker
  • Reattach your door panels and speaker coverings.


Watch this quick explainer by ShowtimeSPL to explain the science.