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High Temp Spray Adhesive 


Our High Temp Spray Adhesive is chemically formulated to bond to almost anything, except raw vinyl! It's a versatile spray adhesive option for high temperature and moist environments, perfect for automotive applications. For home and commercial applications, we recommend our P329 Permanent Spray Adhesive.



  • STRENGTH rated for ALL Second Skin Audio automotive materials
  • Adheres to glass, cardboard, foam, paper, wood, rubber, metal, plastic, and cloth
  • FAST dry time 
  • Rated for use in high temperature environments
  • Water resistant




 Size   1 can (16 oz) 
 Square Footage   36 sq ft (1 can)
 Time until Tacky   1 sided: 5-15s | 2 sided: 20-30s 
 Substrates   Glass, Cardboard, Rubber, Foam, Paper, Cloth, Wood, Metal, Plastic 
 Temperature Rating   120°F
 Color   Slightly yellow
 Recommended Application   Second Skin Automotive Products



Material Testing

 Tested Properties   Performance 
 Dry Time    1 sided: 5-15s | 2 sided: 20-30s 
 Exposure Time  3 d
 Storage Temperature  130°F (don't store on concrete floor) 
 Health & Safety  Harmful if contacts skin or eyes. Wear appropriate protective gear. Flammable: store in cool dry place 



Installation Instructions

  • Apply adhesive to both surfaces, allowing 60-90 seconds for it to "tack up". Then press together firmly until bonding is complete.
  • Will not bond to our mass loaded vinyl products or Speaker Tweakers. For vinyl, use Super Strong Double Sided Tape, Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners, or HH- 66 Vinyl Cement.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. Clean up over spray with mineral spirits.
  • This product is environmentally friendly and does not contain chlorinated solvents or ozone depleting chemicals.

Spray adhesive cannot be shipped by air. For international or air shipments, Super Strong Double Sided Tape should be used as an alternative.



Common Product Uses 

  • Any Second Skin Audio automotive products, except on a vinyl product like Luxury Liner™ or Luxury Liner Pro™ (see above).
  • Adhere closed cell foam, melamine foam, jute, reinforced aluminum thermal heat reflective products to constraint dampening layer (CDL), like Damplifier Pro™
    • Mega Zorbe™, Mega Zorbe™ Pro
    • OverKill™, OverKill™ Pro
    • Heat Wave Pro™
    • Mega Block™, Thermal Block™



High Temperature Spray Adhesive can only ship ground and can not ship Internationally.