Sound Deadening Mat

Sound deadening mats adhere to the metal structures in your car to reduce structure-borne noise. Through a process called vibration damping, or constrained-layer damping, car sound deadening reduces the noise from vibrating metal panels by dissipating the vibration energy into low level heat energy. Reduce the vibrations, reduce the noise.

Every sound deadening mat is made of aluminum foil, an elastomeric material, and adhesive. There’s a math equation that tells you how effective a mat is going to be, and the three most important inputs are the quality of the materials, the material thickness, and the quality of the bond formed with the metal. A butyl rubber sheet will perform 3-10x better than asphalt mats depending on the brand (rubber also doesn’t stink or outgas harmful chemicals). Choose a high quality mat with strong foil and sticky adhesive, stick it to the car’s metal, and then force out all the air pockets with a wooden roller. The result is maximum vibration damping.

Second Skin’s Damplifier and Damplifier Pro sound deadening mats were specifically engineered for industry-leading performance. Use them to reduce structural vibrations in your vehicle and drastically reduce unwanted noise. Get rid of road noise, improve speaker acoustics, and increase the comfort of your ride.