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West Coast Customs Build Package

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The VW build package is one of our personal favorites. In January of 2017, we were contacted by the world famous builders at West Coast Customs to help them with a heat issue in the rear engine of their 1961 VW 23 Window Bus Build. This package was custom built to handle the heat issue and insulate the entire bus for noise and heat, allowing the customers to enjoy living out of this vehicle on their trips across America. This build kit is the exact products and materials used in the "Steampunk VW Build" from Inside West Coast Customs Season 7's season premiere. This amazing combination of American made products will give you the best sound and thermal insulation that money can buy for your VW Bus. If you're looking to take your VW bus build to the next level, look no further, because this package is your one stop shop for luxury style results.


Premium VW Bus Kit Includes:

  • 1 Damplifier Pro Shop Pack XL - 120 Sq Ft (72 sheets, 12" x 20" each)
  • 1 Damplifier Pro Shop Pack - 80 Sq Ft (48 sheets, 12" x 20" each) - Both cases of Damplifier Pro together will be enough to do the floor, walls, ceiling, firewall, and doors.
  • 16 Luxury Liner Pro Sheets - 144 Sq Ft (16 sheets, 24" x 54" each) - Apply to the floor, cabin side firewall, walls, and doors.
  • 6 Mega Zorbe Hydrophobic Melamine Foam - 24 Sq Ft (6 sheets, 24" x 24" each) - Apply to the roof of the van.
  • 2 Mega Block Hydrophobic Melamine Foam - 16 Sq Ft (2 sheets, 24" x 48" each) - Applied to the rear engine bay firewall to reflect and insulate heat.
  • Wooden Hand Roller - Use to roll on the sound deadening mats.
  • 4 Cans of Spray Adhesive - 1 can is enough for 4 sheets of the Luxury Liner Pro. The two melamine foams come with a peel & stick backing.

These measurements were made by West Coast Customs shop manager Chad Utt for the specific VW Bus on the show. Always measure your vehicle to confirm proper square footage amounts. This package will cover 200 square feet!!!


We hope you'll check out the episode and learn more about the West Coast Customs Build project.

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