Gas Monkey Garage Chevy C60 School Mini Bus Build Package

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The Mini Bus build package is one of our personal favorites. In October of 2021, we were contacted by the world famous builders at Gas Monkey Garage to help them with a sound and heat issues in the Raising Cane's 1987 Chevy C60 Mini Bus Build. The Mini Bus Package was custom built to handle the heat issue and add insulation to the entire bus for noise and heat, allowing the Raising Cane's cooks and customers to enjoy hanging out in this bus on their trips across America. This build kit is the exact products and materials used in the "Raising Cane's Bus Build" from Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey crew in Texas. This amazing combination of American made products will give you the best sound and thermal insulation that money can buy for your School Bus. If you're inspired by Gas Monkey Garage to do your own Skoolie Bus build, look no further, because this package has everything you need for top-of-the-line temperature and sound control.


Premium VW Bus Kit Includes:

These measurements were made by Gas Monkey Garage for the specific C60 School Bus on the show. Always measure your vehicle to confirm proper square footage amounts. This package will cover 360-400 square feet of bus!!!


We hope you'll check out the build on their YouTube Channel to learn more about the project: