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Damplifier Pro™ Half Sheets (Ships USPS)

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How Much Damplifier Pro Do I Need?

Vehicle Class

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Vehicle Coverage

Estimated Square Footage

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How do I get exact square footage?
  1. Get a tape measurer
  2. Measure the length and width of each surface
  3. Length x Width = Square Footage

Second Skin Audio: Damplifier Pro Half Sheets

Tired of those rattle, shakes, and squeaks ruining the comfort of your vehicle? Second Skin's Damplifier Pro Half Sheets (12” x 10”) are the same great Damplifier Pro product, still engineered for performance to stop vibrations and deaden metal. The only difference is we cut the sheets in half so that we can fit them in a USPS flat rate box and offer free shipping to anywhere in the USA. For those of you wanting car sound deadening material cheap, get best in class automotive sound deadening and have it shipped to you for free!


  • High temperature butyl rubber adhesive (more rubber, less filler)
  • Ultra-thick, 6.5mil annealed black foil with a ghosted logo
  • 2mm total thickness (80 mils)
  • Each sheet is 12” x 10” (0.833 sq ft) and weighs about 0.7 lbs / sq ft
  • Thermal range: -75 F to 450 F – will not melt, out gas, or fall off
  • Guaranteed adhesion to metal for the LIFE of your vehicle
  • Deadens any sheet metal, aluminum, or prepared fiberglass
  • Made in the USA


Product Usage Tips


Second Skin Damplifier Pro car application surfaces and square footage 





Damplifier Pro is frequently used for residential, commercial, and industrial applications due to its exceptional deadening properties. Give us a call if you want to learn more.

  • Residential: generator boxes, computer tower walls, screen doors, dishwasher enclosures, or learn how to soundproof a sink
  • Commercial/Industrial: robotics equipment and other machinery, metal furniture, coin counting machines, HVAC ducts and units, metal carts in warehouses and hospitals, military applications, and more 


Damplifier Pro Technical Specs

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Vibration Damping