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The Garage: Mercedes-Benz Sound Deadening Projects

The Garage: Mercedes-Benz Sound Deadening Projects

Featured Build: BPRSNT Sprinter Van

2020 Sprinter Van Sound deadening

Olympic Snowboard Medalists, X Games Medalists, Wilderness First Responders, Extreme Rock Climbers, Women's Retreat Organizers, International Speakers, and just All Around Bad Asses... Chanelle Sladics @chanellesladics and Kjersti Buaas @kjerstibuaas reached out to Second Skin to help them convert their brand new Sprinter Van into a mobile command center for their new brand, BPRSNT @bprsnt . Because it's also going to be a living space, they needed it to be soundproofed, thermally insulated, and safe for their health! There's no cutting corners in a vehicle you plan to live in, so Second Skin was the clear choice! These two ladies are doing amazing things in life, and we were honored to help them launch their next adventure with this Mercedes Sprinter Van.

This 2020 Sprinter Van was the biggest model, the long and tall version, so there's a LOT of square footage to cover. It took 240 sq ft of Damplifier Pro to get 60% coverage on the entirety of the van, except the floor and wheel wells --- those are 100%! A whopping 126 sq ft of Luxury Liner Pro was used on the floor from the front cabin to the very rear, including over the wheel wells and on the cabin firewall. Next up, they used 40 sq ft of Mega Zorbe for the doors and cabin headliner. To finish, they installed 120 sq ft of Heat Wave Pro to the ceiling of the cargo area. They also used Havlok Wool on the walls of their van.

Don't miss out on these featured build photos! You don't want to miss seeing the first ever Yoga sound deadening poses!! Make sure to follow Chanelle and Kjersti as they travel the country. Don't forget to do your part to make the Earth a better place!!!

Mercedes Sprinter Van Sound Deadening

Yup... that Sprinter van is huge.

Being centered, grounded, and in tune with the Earth is a big part of life for Chanelle and Kjersti. Being able to run their business on the road and in nature was a big reason for building out the Sprinter Van.

Sprinter Van doors before Second Skin. They're bare and hollow, compounding the echoes of the flimsy metal.

Mercedes_Benz Sprinter Van Door Sound Deadening

The most important part of the door, the outer door skins. Cover them with Damplifier Pro to make them stronger and reduce flex.

On the inner skin, you can scale back to about 40% coverage and still stop most of the structure born noise. The inner skin is stronger bent and welded metal. For both skins on 2 doors, it took about 16 sq ft of Damplifier Pro.

Chanelle putting in work on the Sprinter Van doors.

Mercedes-Benz Door Soundproofing

After killing the vibration, time for sound absorption. Mega Zorbe is a super lightweight, sound absorbing foam that has been treated to be water resistant. Check for window clearance before sticking the foam in permanently. These 2 doors have about 8 sq ft of Mega Zorbe on the outer skin.

When treating vans and other vehicles with the engine closer to the driver (and sometimes below the driver), it is smart to use 100% coverage to stop the structure borne noise and to absorb the heat transfer from the engine bay and drive train.

The cabin ceiling gets a solid layer of Damplifier Pro.

The winning rendering for the wrap. All of the options were great (next slide!), but you gotta admit that this one POPS!

Chanelle is now part of the foam finger club! When applying Mega Zorbe, be careful... those sheets are sticky!!!

The Mega Zorbe goes on quick with that high temp self adhesive backing.

All that bare metal in the cargo area screaming for Damplifier Pro...

Sprinter Van floor sound deadening

Kjersti starts laying down the Damplifier Pro on the floor of cargo area in the Sprinter Van. For the floor of the van, the ladies went with about 60% coverage to stop the structure borne noise.

So focused!!

Sprinter Van sound deadening

Chanelle using her roller to get the Damplifier Pro bonded to the metal nice and strong.

Don't forget your gloves! The edges of Damplifier Pro can be sharp. Wear protection.

Olymic Snowboarders perform Yoga while sound deadening their Sprinter Van

Kjersti and Chanelle execute the first ever sound deadening Yoga workout.

After the floor and walls are sound deadened, get the electrician in there to wire the power house.

Switches, gauges, and cool stuff for the power needed to live and work from the Sprinter Van

Now that they have power, the heater and a/c unit can be installed. Gotta stay warm when ripping down those mountains!!

Kicker subs to get the party sounding right.

Kicker door speakers to make those highs scream and mids roar.

Sprinter Van Soundproofing and Solar Power

Chanelle installs the solar panels on top to get this system charged during the day for free..."Salute the sun"

After a week of hard work, time to get out there and tour!

Snowboarding stop! #OlympicMedalist #XGamesChampion

#VanLife #VanLiving #ConversionVan #LivingTheDream

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2015 Sprinter (Short length/Medium height with windows)

Type of Project: Floor & Walls

Products Used: 102 sq ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (60% Coverage)

90 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro Mass Sound Barrier (Floor/Wheel Well Humps)

44 sqft of Heat Wave Pro Thermal Insulation (Walls w/ Windows)

Accessories: Wooden Hand Roller, Spray Adhesive (4 cans)

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36 Sq Ft of OverKill Pro (Front & Rear Doors/Slider Outer Skins)

24 Sq Ft of OverKill (Front & Rear Door Inner Skins)

Accessories: Double Sided Tape, Speaker Tweakers, Wooden Hand Roller

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70 sqft of Luxury Liner Pro (MLV)(Floor/Trunk)

36 Sq Ft of Mega Zorbe Melamine Foam (Doors/Ceiling)

Accessories: Spray Adhesive (2 cans), Wooden Hand Roller

2014 CLA 250

Type of Project: Wheel Well Soundproofing

Products Used: 40 sq ft of Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadening (3 coats)

18 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro Mass Loaded Vinyl (Adhered with bolts and industrial strength black silicon)

Accessories: Spray Gun + Bottle, Fury Knife

Sprinter Van Door Panel Decoupling

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Type of Project: Door Panel Decoupling

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