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Recording Studio Doors and Studio Windows

Author: Eric Dellolio

Last Updated: February 9, 2024

Read Time: 3 Minutes


Eric Dellolio

Last Updated:

February 9, 2024

Read Time:

3 Minutes

Author: Eric Dellolio

Updated: Feb. 9, 2024

Read Time: 3 Minutes


We see more and more people wanting a home recording studio. Some of this trend has to be due to the convenience, but another kickstarter seems to be the same WFH trends being navigated by companies across America.

When building a soundproof home recording studio, the area most people fall short is the doors and windows. The requirements for a door or window to match a soundproof wall are quite high, and without a proper solution – that opening is likely to be a weak point.

Each home recording studio soundproofingand professional recording studio soundproofing project is different and specific requirements can vary from studio to studio. If you’re unsure about your specific situation, contact an expert at Second Skin to discuss a custom plan for your space.

Home recording studio doors

There are two “go-to” answers for most home recording environment. The first is a high STC custom built door like our Sound Lock STC 56 Soundproof Door. This 2-3/4” thick door is as beautiful as it is soundproof, and is available with a variety of customizations and wood species. The standard oak door commonly comes with a soundproof view window and is ready to be stained or painted.

The second common solution is a vestibule with 2 solid-core doors utilizing our Sound Lock Door Seal Kits. These adjustable door seal kits will completely seal the perimeter and bottom of the door, allowing you to create an “air lock” effect between the two rooms.

home recording studio windows

We offer 3 different versions of our Tru Acoustics Soundproof Windows, all of which are are commonly used in home recording studios. The entry level option is an STC 45 window, and is typically used by someone who wants soundproof windows but is on more of a budget. Although we did put one in a mobile recording studio once!

The professional level options for the Tru Acoustics series are the STC 49 and STC 56 soundproof windows. Both are excellent for any soundproof window application.

Second Skin’s team of experts are standing by and ready to help with your home recording studio or soundproof podcasting room. Call, email, or chat if you need help. Or get everything you need online without speaking to us – whatever works for you! For questions on what you need or STC ratings of materials for soundproofing doors, windows, or any other applications – we’ve got you covered! Also check out our related articles on cost to soundproof a door and soundproof window cost.

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