Tru Acoustics™ Soundproof Window

Innovative soundproof window design used by recording studios, commercial buildings, and the military. Unmatched performance and ease of installation.

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Tru Acoustics™ Recording Studio Soundproof Window



Product Information

  • Durable and versatile soundproof interior window with acoustically treated frames and seals
  • STC rating up to 56
  • Anodized aluminum frames with clear or bronze finish
  • Easy snap-in soundproof glass for installation on the job site
  • Proudly made in the USA 


  • Type of Frame: Bronze (black), Clear (silver)
  • Size: Nearly any size requirement
  • Thickness: 4-1/2" (STC 45 & 49), 6-3/8" (STC 56)
  • Glass Options: Clear, Safety glass, Mirror pane, Tinted
  • Glass shipped separate and snapped in on the job site for safe delivery
 Spec Sheet 

 Tru Acoustics Product Sheet 

 Architect CSI Specs 

 Tru Acoustics STC 45 - CSI Spec 
 Tru Acoustics STC 49 - CSI Spec 
 Tru Acoustics STC 56 - CSI Spec 

 Install Guide   Tru Acoustics Soundproof Window Install Guide 


Product Uses

  • Install this soundproof window anywhere an interior soundproof window is required. (up to STC 56)
  • A sound proof room requires a high STC window or you won't have a sound proof wall
  • Recording studios, commercial windows, industrial, military, law enforcement 


Installation Guide

  • Fits any wall thickness by insetting or offsetting the Tru Acoustics Soundproof Window
  • For Tru Acoustics windows with angled glass, the angle goes on the inside of the sound room recording (otherwise it doesn't matter). The top of the angle should be closer to the inside of the room and the bottom of the angle should be towards the exterior of the room for the angled side.
  • Download the Tru Acoustics Soundproof Window Install Guide


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Sound Transmission Class

 Type of Soundproof Window 
  STC Rating 
 Tru Acoustics™ Soundproof Window (45)  45
 Tru Acoustics™ Soundproof Window (49)  49
 Tru Acoustics™ Soundproof Window (56)  56






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