RSIC-LP® - Low Profile Sound Isolation Clips

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RSIC-1 LP® Low Profile Sound Isolation Clip

The RSIC-1 LP® is used on a soundproof ceiling or wall to recess the furring channel into the cavity, reducing the profile of the RSIC sound isolation clip to as little as 1/2" when sound proofing walls or ceilings. The RSIC-1 Low Profile® clip is meant to be used when minimal clearance is needed.



  • Soundproof a ceiling from impact noise and airborne noise
  • RSIC-1 Low Profile® clip is designed for use with any wood or steel framed ceiling system
  • Isolate drywall or plywood for a building's structure and preserve maximum ceiling height
  • Install with a 1/2" to 1-5/8" air gap from framing
  • Can support 1 layer of 5/8" drywall when spaced at 24" x 48" oc. For heavier systems, add more isolators
  • Assembled n the USA




 Weight  0.29 lbs 
 Capacity  up to 36 lbs per isolator 
 Quantity   25 or 100 clips




 Install Guide   RSIC Low Profile® Install Guide 



Installation Instructions

  • Use the recommended fasteners to directly attach the RSIC-1 Low Profile® clip to the studs. 
  • Attach 25 gauge hat channels to the RSIC-1 Low Profile® clip using the approved screws
  • Fasten the Resilient Sound Isolation Clip (RSIC-1-LOW PROFILE) to the side of the joist using a RSIC washer to between the fastener head and the metal bracket, ensuring all of the RSIC-1-LOW PROFILE clips are in the same horizontal plane
  • Snap in the drywall furring channel (hat track) into the RSIC-1-LOW PROFILE clip parallel to the framing members.
  • Seal all potential air leaks with non-hardening acoustical caulking to achieve best noise control results. Use fire rated sealant where required.
  • (see install guide for more details)



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