Timberwool™ Wood Fiber Acoustic Panels (24" x 96")

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In Stock. Primed clear panels ship in 3-4 business days for up to 300 panel orders. Primed white panels ship in 2-3 weeks.

Timberwool 24" x 96" panels (16 sq ft per) are an eco-friendly, attractive option to absorb sound and improve acoustics. They can be cut and painted just like wood to fit any decor.

Bulk discounts available. Save per panel at 15, 30 and 60 panels.
Covers 16.0 SF

Timberwool™ Wood Fiber Acoustic Panels


**Shipping info** All orders of less than 8 panels (128 sq ft) will be cut into 24" x 48" panels and shipped in boxes via UPS or FedEx Ground. Orders of 8 to 300 Primed Clear Timberwool panels ship on a pallet with a 3-4 business day lead time. Primed white panels have a lead time of 2-3 weeks. 




  • Attractive and eco-friendly sound absorbing panels that can be designed to fit any decor
  • Manufactured from natural, cementitious wood wool fibers 
  • Panels can be cut to any shape and painted to any color (handles like wood)
  • Mechanically fasten, lay in as ceiling tiles, or hang as baffles/clouds
  • Temperature rated up to 320°F
  • R-value of 2.3 per inch
  • Class A Fire Rated



 Dimensions   24" x 96" (16 sq ft per), Custom available
 Thickness  1" or 2", Custom available
 Weight   32 lbs (1" thick), 64 lbs (2" thick)   
 Edge Type   Square (standard), Bevel, Tegular
 Primer Color   Primed Clear, Primed White
 Paintable  Yes, primed and ready to paint   
 Fast Shipping   Call 1-800-679-8511 or order online!

Call us for free samples or any custom requests! 




 Spec Sheets

 Timberwool Product Sheet  
 Timberwool Engraving Options

 Architect CSI Specs   Timberwool Wall Panel CSI Spec  
 Timberwool Ceiling Panel CSI Spec 
 Install Guides 

 Timberwool Install Guide (Direct Attach) 
 Timberwool Field Painting Guide 
 Timberwool Cleaning Guide 


 Number of Panels   Size per Panel   Shipping Method   Lead Time 
1-7 panels  Cut down to 24" x 48"  FedEx Ground  3-4 biz days 
8-300 panels 24" x 96" LTL Freight 3-4 biz days
301+ panels 24" x 96"  Full Truck  2-3 weeks 

 Primed white, bevel edge, engraving, painting, and other custom requests will have a 2-3 week lead time.




Material Testing

Noise Reduction Coefficient

 Frequency (Hz)  125   250   500   1000   2000   4000   NRC 
 1" Timberwool™ Wood Fiber Panel   0.08   0.12   0.26   0.52   0.89   0.60   0.45 
 1-3/8" Timberwool™ Wood Fiber Panel   0.08   0.23   0.41   0.80   0.79   0.81   0.55 
 2" Timberwool™ Wood Fiber Panel   0.11  0.29  0.74  1.08  0.85  1.02  0.75 










Installation Instructions

  • Recommended Installation: The easiest way to install Timberwool wood fiber acoustic panels is to screw them into the wall or furring strips. Mechanical fasteners required!
  • All screws should be at least 3/4" from the edge of the panel.
  • Download the Timberwool Install Guide (Direct Attach) 

Painting Instructions

  • Timberwool can be painted in the field. Do not brush or roll paint. Use a spray gun. Apply numerous thin coats for a uniform finish.
  • Can be factory painted to any specific paint code
  • Download the Timberwool Field Painting Guide





Common Product Uses

  • Timberwool improves acoustics while adding a customizable wood aesthetic to any wall or ceiling construction
  • Direct attach panels to a wall or ceiling, lay in a ceiling grid, or hang as baffles or clouds
  • Economical and sustainable alternative acoustical material to fiberglass, foam, and polystyrene
  • Timberwool is durable and can be used outside. It is primed with a clear coat which protects from water and UV. If cuts are made, primer should be applied to newly exposed areas.
  • Offices, schools, music practice rooms, gymnasiums, convention centers, entertainment venues, airports, bars, restaurants, pools, houses of worship, and manufacturing facilities