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Fantastic Frame™ Soundproof Window Inserts

Make any window a soundproof window. Fantastic Frame soundproof window inserts can be custom fit to any window to reduce exterior noise by 10+ dB.

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Fantastic Frame™ Soundproof Window Inserts

Fantastic Frame Window Inserts are an industry leading soundproofing and thermal insulation solution custom built to fit any window. As used in both residential and commercial applications, the Fantastic Frame's patent pending frame technology significantly outperforms comparable window inserts in both noise reduction and thermal transfer. Create a more comfortable, quieter, and energy efficient environment with the Fantastic Frame!




  • Custom built window inserts are a nearly invisible solution for reducing both sound and heat transfer
  • Durable design uses UV stable frame and acrylic (25+ year expected life)
  • Reduce sound through your window by up to 80%
  • High performance at all frequency levels (including low frequency noise!)
  • Reduce energy transfer through your window by up to 60%
  • 30-40% energy bill savings is typical for a home or commercial building that installs a Fantastic Frame in all windows
  • Custom sizes and shapes to fit ANY WINDOW!
  • Easy to remove and access primary window
  • Proudly made in the USA 



 Insert Dimensions   Up to 72" x 120" without mullions (any size with mullions) 
 Frame Dimensions    7/8" wide x 1" deep

 1/4" acrylic 

 Weight   2.5 lbs per sq ft
 Frame Colors 

 White or Brown



 Mounting Method 

 Metal trim pieces and magnetic frame

 Space Required 

 At least 1" of space to mount the insert



 Sound Transfer Reduction 

 Up to 80%

 Thermal Transfer Reduction 

 Up to 62%


 Indoor only 

 Expected Lifetime 

 25+ Years




 Spec Sheet   Fantastic Frame Product Sheet 
 Sizing Guide    Fantastic Frame Window Insert Sizing Guide 
 Architect CSI Spec 

 Fantastic Frame Window Insert CSI Spec 

 Install Guide   Fantastic Frame Window Insert Install Guide 
 $1200 in Tax Credits 

 Tax Credit Eligibility Requirements  

 Manufacturer's IRA Certification  



Material Testing

Sound Transmission Loss

 Window Assembly Type 
  Before FF
 Window Inserts 
After FF
 Window Inserts 
 How much noise reduction
is this? 
 Double Hung Window   24  37 ~60% reduction
 Triple Casement Window  27 44 ~70% reduction
 Storefront / Hotel Fixed Window  33

  46 (4.5" air space) 

 51 (6.5" air space) 

~60-75% reduction








** Noise Reduction Note ** Most windows will be between 50% and 80% noise reduction. The exact amount depends on your existing window and the size of the air gap.


Prime Window Thermal Performance

 Thermal Test Type 
  Before FF
 Window Inserts 
After FF
 Window Inserts 
 How much thermal transfer
change is this? 
 U-value  1.15 BTU/h*ft2*°F   0.44 BTU/h*ft2*°F  ~62% reduction
 R-value   0.86   2.27  ~62% reduction






** Exceptional Thermal Results ** See this email screenshot from a happy customer who saved 70% on their energy bill! 




Installation Instructions

  1. Apply foam strip to metal attachment angle. (Note: for small orders, we will do this step for you.)
  2. Verify window opening measurements. Cut metal attachment angles using yellow handle tin snips.
  3. Remove peel and stick backing from foam. Using provided screws, screw in the metal attachment angles.
  4. Place the Fantastic Frame into the window opening by placing the bottom in first. Then tilt the window insert up until magnets have snapped into place.
  5. After confirming fit, put the window insert back on the floor. Remove the protective film from the exterior acrylic and apply the included glass cleaner. Replace the window insert.
  6. Remove the rest of the acrylic's protective film and repeat the glass cleaning. You're done!

For additional instructions, watch our Install Video or download the Fantastic Frame Window Insert Install Guide.



Common Product Uses

  • Museum quality UV filtering acrylic available for historical applications
  • Reducing energy usage in commercial and residential buildings
  • Soundproofing and insulating historic homes
  • Turn any window into a soundproof window. Blocks sound better than any standard window and easy enough for a DIY soundproofing project. Great for street noise reduction in a home
  • If you're looking into how to soundproof a wall cheaply, the windows are the weakest point in most any exterior wall. For interior walls, the best bang for your buck will be to focus on a soundproof interior door.
  • Commercial/retail/office buildings, hotels, condos, home offices, bedrooms, hospitals, doctor's offices, schools, universities, houses of worship, government and municipal buildings