Luxury Liner™ 2 lb MLV Roll - Mass Loaded Vinyl

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Luxury Liner 2 lb MLV Rolls

Second Skin's Luxury Liner 2 lb MLV roll is one beefcake of a soundproofing material. Rated with an STC 32, you can't block more noise with 1/4" thick material. The Luxury Liner limp mass barrier roll comes in two standard thicknesses (1lb MLV rolls and this 2 lb MLV version). All Second Skin MLV rolls are flexible, tear resistant, odorless, STC rated, and fire rated at the FMVSS 302 standard. We also carry UL rated MLV, which you can request via a call or quote. 


Luxury Liner 2 lb Mass Loaded Vinyl

  • Nominal 1/4" thick premium mass loaded vinyl
  • Each roll is 48" or 54" wide and comes in customizable lengths (up to 100 feet)
  • Weight: 2 lbs per square foot
  • STC rating: 32 
  • How does 2 lb MLV compare to the 1 lb MLV? The 2 lb MLV density is the heaviest version of MLV available. This is the preferred MLV density for soundproof boxes, home theaters, and certain industrial or commercial applications. Reach out if you're unsure between the Luxury Liner 2 lb and Luxury Liner 1lb MLV options.
  • Made in the USA
 Spec Sheet   Luxury Liner Product Sheet 
 Architect CSI Spec   Luxury Liner MLV CSI Spec 


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Product Specifications

Sound Transmission Loss

 Frequency (Hz)  125   250   500   1000   2000   4000   STC Rating 
 1 lb MLV Sound Transmission Loss (dB)    14   19   23   29   34   37  27
 2 lb MLV Sound Transmission Loss (dB)    19   20   27   34   38   43  32






MLV Specs

 Tensile Strength  ASTM D412   Minimum 400 psi 
 Elongation  ASTM D412   120%
 Tear lbs / 1"  ASTM D624   77 
 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard   FMVSS 302   Pass
 Temperature Rating    -40°F to 250°F



Home & Commercial Application Instructions

Recommended Install Method: staples, screws, nails, or hung with reinforced grommets

Install Locations: soundproofing a room, walls, soundproof boxes, generator boxes, generator enclosure, soundproof fence, mechanical rooms, machinery enclosures, office partition walls

Steps to Soundproof a Wall

  1. Measure the height of the wall. Roll out the 2lb MLV so the length of the material matches the wall's height. Cut the mass loaded vinyl using a sharp utility knife and a T-square to ensure you make a straight cut. You can also cut the MLV with a good pair of upholstery scissors. Just be careful you don't make crooked cuts!
  2. Fasten the MLV to the wall using staples, screws or nails. Start attaching the MLV at the top of the wall, and work your way across ensuring the MLV stays straight. Be sure to add enough fasteners to support the 2lb MLV weight before allowing the MLV to hang. 
  3. The preferred installation method is to install MLV to a wall that has insulation and framing, but no drywall yet. There are a variety of installation methods that will improve performance, such as sound isolation clips or a double wall, but if you are not an experienced installer, we recommend to just focus on the basics, and ensure you have a sturdy install that is airtight and gapless.
  4. If the wall already has drywall, we recommend removing the existing drywall. If you choose to install MLV on top of drywall, it must be attached to the studs or joists. Drywall will not support the weight of MLV.
  5. After you've finished attaching the MLV to the studs and the bottom of the wall, repeat the steps you just did for your second cut off the MLV roll. Do not cover any wall outlets or light switches. Leave them exposed.
  6. As you work your way across the wall, keep the ends of the MLV directly next to each other. (AIRTIGHT!) If the MLV edges connect on a stud, use acoustic caulk to seal the gap. If the MLV edges connect over an air gap, use foil tape to seal the edges.
  7. After you've finished getting the MLV up on the wall, use your acoustic sealant caulk to seal ALL of the edges, both between the sheets of MLV and between the MLV and the wood studs. THIS IS A KEY STEP TO ENSURE YOUR BARRIER IS AIRTIGHT. If you have not hung drywall, now's the time to begin installing 5/8" drywall on top of the MLV.


Have a Smaller Project? You should take a look at MLV Sheets.


Our Quiet Quilt line of sound blankets combine reinforced MLV with a vinyl facing for sound absorption and sound blocking. The Quiet Quilt Soundproof Blankets we list on the website come with a standard 1 lb MLV, but we also can sew them with 2 lb MLV barrier. Reach out to us for a quote! 

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