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The Toyota RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV that burst onto the scene in 1995. Since that time, it's grown into the best selling SUV in the world, so there are a ton of these vehicles out there. We Americans buy hundreds of thousands of them every year. This SUV has been around long enough that it's gone through quite a few generations and body upgrades, but one thing has been consistent across the decades - this thing makes a good bit of noise.

We run into a bunch of Toyota RAV4s at Second Skin. Similar to Mazda3 road noise, it’s just louder than you’d expect relative to other vehicles in its class. The most common complaints we hear about are too much engine noise, general road noise or cabin noise, and tire noise – especially from the rear wheels. We also run into quite a few customers who are upgrading the stereo systems in their RAV4, so you’ll see some car audio related treatments below as well as road noise reduction. If you are looking for other Toyota specific recommendations, check out our articles on Toyota Corolla sound deadening and Toyota 4Runner road noise.

RAV4 Cabin Noise Reduction Treatment

The good news for your RAV4 is that the sources of the noise are treatable. If you’re looking for the best possible road noise and engine noise reduction you should be looking into one of our Compact SUV Vehicle Packages. This package is specifically designed to stop both types of noise in a vehicle: structural and airborne. By using Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro together, we can reduce the noise level inside a loud RAV4 by 10-15 dB.

This vehicle package includes a combination of two of our best performing RAV4 soundproofing products. The first is the top performing sound deadening mat, Damplifier Pro. Damplifier Pro is the best at reducing structural noise in your car, and you only need 60% coverage for extreme vibration reduction. Damplifier Pro can be applied to the floor, doors, roof, firewall (cabin or engine side), trunk, and hood to deaden the metal. Once you stop the vibrations, you'll stop the noise. The next product in the package is Luxury Liner Pro, which is our best performing automotive sound barrier. By installing it with 100% coverage on the cabin side firewall and floor, you will create an unbroken noise barrier between you and the airborne noise (engine, tire, road noise) getting into your RAV4 cabin.  

How to reduce RAV4 Tire Noise

If you’re looking for best bang for your buck and are dealing with road and tire noise, Spectrum liquid deadener as a wheel well sound deadening treatment is going to be the most cost-effective treatment you can do for a noticeable dent in the noise problem. Many of our customers opt for this treatment because you don't need to access the interior of the vehicle to get a 3-5 dB reduction in cabin noise. It’s also much cheaper than investing in quieter tires, which you can still do later to reduce the noise further.

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Toyota Sound Deadening Projects

Toyota RAV4 Road Noise Customer Projects

Vehicle Type Project Specifics
RAV4 roof sound deadening

2014 RAV4 - Roof

Make/Model: 2014 RAV4
Type of Project: Sound Deadening the Roof
Parts of RAV4 Treated: Roof only
Materials Used: Damplifier Pro (40 sq ft), Wooden Hand Roller

Project Overview: This customer had a bumping sub in the trunk and was dealing with a good amount of roof flex. Nothing a little Damplifier Pro won’t solve!

RAV4 road noise floor soundproofing

2014 RAV4 - Floor

Make/Model: 2014 RAV4
Type of Project: Road Noise Treatment
Parts of RAV4 Treated: Cabin Firewall, Floor
Materials Used: Damplifier (50 sq ft), Luxury Liner Pro (45 sq ft), Dual Lock Velcro, Wooden Hand Roller

Project Overview: Using our 1 -2 punch of a sound deadening layer with an automotive sound barrier overtop, Damplifer and Luxury Liner Pro is the perfect combination for car soundproofing

2014 RAV4 with road noise and tire noise

2014 RAV4 - Floor and Doors

Make/Model: 2014 RAV4
Type of Project: Road Noise Treatment
Parts of RAV4 Treated: Floors and Doors
Materials Used: Damplifier (65 sq ft), Wooden Hand Roller

Project Overview: This customer was going for lightweight, so he opted for the thinner Damplifier material. By applying it with 100% coverage, he got some of the benefits of a noise barrier without doing the recommended two layers (Damplifier Pro + Luxury Liner Pro). Even with just Damplifier, he was blown away by how much quieter the cabin was.

2015 RAV4 hybrid with road noise

Make/Model: 2015 RAV4
Type of Project: Road Noise Treatment
Parts of RAV4 Treated: Floors and Doors
Materials Used: Damplifier (62 sq ft), Luxury Liner Pro (44 sq ft), Overkill Pro (18 sq ft)

Project Overview: Using Luxury Liner Pro and Damplifier to stop vibrational noise and airborne noise is a great car soundproofing solution. Overkill Pro in the doors to stop any rattling pieces or panels will help deaden the noise as well.

Toyota Rav4 Road Noise: Best Possible Treatment

We often hear from customers that they want their RAV4 to be as quiet as possible. Well, this is the mack-daddy of sound treatments and will do all you can possibly do to quiet down your RAV4. If you're interested in getting this exact package for your Toyota RAV4, just send us a message saying that you want "THE WORKS" for your RAV4!

  • Damplifier Pro - 120 sq ft (72 sheets) - Apply to firewall, floor, doors, roof, and cargo area
  • Luxury Liner Pro - 72 sq ft (8 sheets) - Apply as second layer on cabin side firewall, floor, and cargo floor
  • Mega Zorbe - 60 sq ft (15 sheets) - Apply as a second layer in each door cavity and above the headliner
  • Spectrum - 40 sq ft (2 gallons) - Apply (3) 1mm layers directly to the metal in all 4 wheel wells
  • Mega Block - 16 sq ft (4 sheets) - Apply as a second layer to the hood
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