Toyota Corolla Road Noise

Toyota Corolla Road Noise

Toyota created a new series of compact cars in 1966, the Corolla, or “small crown” in Latin. In 1974 the Toyota Corolla was the best-selling car world-wide. Sales exploded making it the best-selling nameplate in 1997, surpassing the Volkswagen Beetle. By 2021 fifty-million Corollas were sold over twelve generations. Talk about an impressive skyrocket in sales.

The Toyota Corolla has seen many upgrades throughout the years. From early models with rear-wheel drive, to a more modern front wheel drive, and eventually four-wheel drive. There are multiple body styles as well, including hatchback, sporty, prestige, and estate. A great range of options to meet every need. Also well-known for its excellent fuel efficiency, it’s no wonder the Toyota Corolla became so trendy.

However, we hear from a lot of customers that they have issues with Toyota Corolla noise. Similar to Toyota RAV 4 noise issues, complaints include, vibrating doors, loud road noise and tire noise when driving at high speeds, cabin noise, and engine noise. If this is you, we hear and understand your problems. That’s why we have the perfect soundproofing package for you!

Toyota Corolla Cabin Noise Reduction Treatment

We combine two of our most popular products (Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro) in our Vehicle Soundproofing Packages. Our vehicle packages come in different sizes based on the type of vehicle. For a Toyota Corolla we recommend our Mid Size Car Package.

What is Damplifier Pro?

Sick of hearing those annoying interior rattles and vibrations from the doors, floor, or trunk in your Toyota Corolla? We know how you feel. That’s why we developed the best possible performance with our Damplifier Pro sound deadening mat. It’s the ultimate solution to those annoying structural interior noises that you hear during the commute or when you turn up the speakers.

Damplifier Pro is designed to silence those structural noises by damping the vibrational energy transferring through metal body panels. The result is a significantly quieter cabin since Damplifier Pro was able to deaden all of the vibrational energy that results in that structural noise. You can apply Damplifier Pro to metal parts such as your inner doors, under the carpet, or behind the firewall to attack all of the common structural noise producing areas. You only need about 60% coverage to hear a massive difference in the noise level within your Toyota Corolla.

What is Luxury Liner Pro?

Now that we’ve eliminated the structural noise, it’s time to get rid of your Toyota Corolla tire noise, road noise, and engine noise, all of which are known as airborne noise. There are a lot of reasons you could be hearing an excess amount of airborne noise. You could have aggressive or worn out tires, be driving on a rough road, or just have one of the louder Toyota engines. No matter what the cause is, Luxury Liner Pro is designed to stop the noise in its tracks. Luxury Liner Pro is our top performing mlv sound barrier that is essentially a wall between you and the source of the airborne noise. You’ll need to ensure that you get 100% coverage on the floor up through the cabin side firewall, floor and trunk because airborne noise can sneak through any small opening. So the better your coverage, the better the barrier and the less noise you will hear. When customers combine Luxury Liner Pro and Damplifier Pro, they will see a 10+ decibel reduction in the cabin noise in their Toyota Corolla. That’s the Second Skin difference – there’s noone else who can match it.

How To Reduce Toyota Corolla Tire Noise

The Toyota Corolla is a very comfortable and economical car that’s perfect for a road trip. Well, almost perfect. We’ve found that there can be a lot of tire noise transferred into the cabin in this car. That’s why we always recommend that Corolla owners install Spectrum Spray Liquid Sound Deadener as a wheel well sound deadening treatment. Deadening the metal in the wheel well will make a huge difference in the tire noise and road noise you hear while traveling on the highway. It’s also the easiest sound deadening treatment to install that will actually make a noticeable difference. It’s easy because you don’t need to access the interior in order to install Spectrum Liquid Deadener! All you need to do is apply 3mm of Spectrum into each wheel well. This is applied as 1mm layers directly to the metal for a total of three layers. Plus, if you don’t have access to a spray gun, you can still install Spectrum using a brush or paint roller. 2 gallons of Spectrum Liquid Deadener will cover fall four of your wheel wells and is proven to reduce highway tire noise by up to 5 dB!

Our Recommendation

Mid Size Car Soundproofing Kit

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Vehicle Type Project Specifics
corolla sound deadening

2011 Corolla

Make/Model: 2011 Corolla
Type of Project: Door & Floor Insulation
Products Used: 62 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Floor/Doors)
38 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro Sound Barrier Material (Floor)
18 Sq Ft of Mega Zorbe Hydrophobic Melamine Foam (Doors)
Accessories: Spray Adhesive (1 can), Wooden Roller

The BEST Way To Reduce Noise In A Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is an extremely popular and practical vehicle for every need and stage as your family grows. But as previously mentioned, there is room for improvement as far as noise reduction. If you're interested in getting this exact package for your Toyota Corolla, just send us a message saying that you want "THE WORKS" for your Toyota Corolla!

  • Damplifier Pro - 80 sq ft (48 sheets) - Apply to firewall, floor, doors, roof, and cargo area
  • Luxury Liner Pro - 54 sq ft (6 sheets) - Apply as second layer on cabin side firewall, floor, and cargo floor
  • Mega Zorbe - 40 sq ft (10 sheets) - Apply as a second layer in each door cavity and above the headliner
  • Spectrum - 40 sq ft (2 gallons) - Apply (3) 1mm layers directly to the metal in all 4 wheel wells
  • Mega Block - 16 sq ft (4 sheets) - Apply as a second layer to the hood to improve hood insulation
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