Toyota 4Runner Road Noise

Toyota 4Runner Road Noise

The Toyota 4Runner is a staple in the SUV market and has been for nearly 40 years. This absolute behemoth of an SUV combines all of the spaciousness and reliability that the average driver is looking for with off-road capability for overlanders and off-road enthusiasts.

The 4Runner is known for its reliability, no matter the engine or model year. They’re known for being able to run for upwards of 400,000 miles without having any major issues. Pair this with their aggressive and rugged styling, and Toyota has created one of the most desirable SUVs currently on sale.

As with most Toyotas the interior is nice, but uses slightly lower quality materials and less sound deadening than a lot of its SUV competitors. Toyota does this to keep retail costs lower and to create a more durable interior for anyone who uses their 4Runner off-road. So, if you prefer a simple and clean interior, the Toyota 4Runner is a great option.

Toyota 4Runner Cabin Noise Reduction Treatment

While the Toyota 4Runner is an incredibly solid SUV, they definitely skimp on the sound deadening materials, which leads to issues with road noise. We’ve heard a lot of 4Runner owners talk about some unwanted noise coming from the doors, almost sounding like a hollow tin can. The other common area seems to be noise coming through the transmission tunnel, around the shifter.

These noises can get annoying, that’s why we’re breaking down the best Toyota 4Runner noise reduction treatment. If you want the absolute best Toyota 4Runner sound deadening treatment, then check out our Full Size SUV / Minivan Soundproofing Package. This kit is designed to reduce cabin noise caused by both structural and airborne sounds. We’ve had a ton of customers use this kit on their Toyotas and have seen huge reductions in the cabin noise in their vehicle. When installed completely, you can expect to reduce the interior noise of a Toyota 4Runner by 10-15 dB when driving down the highway!

Inside the Full Size SUV / Minivan Soundproofing Package, you'll find two of our most popular products, Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro. The combination of both of these products results in the best noise reduction in the industry that will last the lifetime of your Toyota 4Runner!

What is Damplifier Pro?

Damplifier Pro has been the best performing sound deadening mat for almost 20 years. This is the perfect solution for getting rid of that annoying “tinny” door sound that the 4Runner is known to have. A lot of the noise that you hear in your Toyota 4Runner comes from vibrations from the metal parts of your SUV. We refer to these noises as "structural". Damplifier Pro solves these vibration issues by deadening the vibrations caused by these metal components. This happens because those structural components vibrate and move around which resonates energy into the air. You hear that energy as sound, or unwanted cabin noise. You can apply Damplifier Pro to the trunk, floor, doors, hood, and anything else metal, to deaden these vibrations and get a noticeably quieter cabin.

You only need about 60% coverage to hear a massive difference in the noise level within your 4Runner. This means less install time and less cost than a lot of lower performing sound deadening treatments that can’t make a dent in the noise level without 100% coverage.

What is Luxury Liner Pro?

Luxury Liner Pro is our best performing automotive sound barrier. It’s a high-density mass loaded vinyl fused to closed cell foam that you install between the cabin and the sources of airborne noise in your Toyota 4Runner. This barrier blocks Toyota 4Runner engine noise, tire noise, and road noise, (which are all types of airborne noise) by creating a more dense barrier between you and the noise. You're going to want to get as close to 100% coverage as possible because the better your coverage, the less holes you have for airborne noise to enter through. So if you’re experiencing a lot of these airborne noises, then Luxury Liner Pro will shut them all out!

We've taken the liberty of combining both of these products into one Vehicle Build Package that's easy to install and that we know will make a massive difference in the noise level within your 4Runner.

How To Reduce Toyota 4Runner Tire Noise

As we mentioned before, a lot of Toyota 4Runner owners tend to have a desire to go off-roading. Typically this means that owners are swapping the factory tires for something a little more aggressive to help get them through rough terrain. Unfortunately, tires with aggressive tread come with more road noise.

That’s why we developed Spectrum Liquid Deadener. Spectrum is not only a great vibration damper, it’s durable, waterproof, and rustproof. This is the easiest way to reduce road noise and tire noise you hear in the cabin of your 4Runner. All you need to do is apply 3mm of our liquid applied sound deadener, Spectrum, into each wheel well (applied as 1mm layers – 3 total layers) directly to the metal. For 4 wheel wells, we recommend purchasing 2 gallons of Spectrum Liquid Deadener. If you want to max out your results, you can also use Spectrum as an undercoating or even combine it with an interior sound treatment!

Our Recommendation

Full Size SUV Soundproofing Kit

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Vehicle Type Project Specifics
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2015 4Runner

Make/Model: 2015 4Runner
Type of Project: Floor Install
Products Used: 63 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro Mass Loaded Vinyl (Floor)
Accessories: Double Sided Tape
4runner noise reduction

2013 4Runner

Make/Model: 2013 4Runner
Type of Project: Floor, Doors, and Wheel Wells
Products Used: 70 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Floor/Doors/Back Wall)
44 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro Sound Barrier Material (Floor/Back Wall)
26 Sq Ft of Mega Zorbe Melamine Foam (Doors)
40 Sq Ft of Spectrum Liquid Deadener (Wheel Wells)
Accessories: Spray Gun + Bottle, Spray Adhesive (2 cans), Wooden Roller

The BEST Way To Reduce Noise In A Toyota 4Runner

If you want the absolute most sound deadening in your Toyota 4Runner, then check out our list of recommended products below. Using all of these will make a night and day difference in the cabin noise of your 4Runner and will last the lifetime of it too! If you're interested in getting this exact package for your Toyota 4Runner, just send us a message saying that you want "THE WORKS" for your 4Runner!

  • Damplifier Pro - 120 sq ft (72 sheets) - Apply to firewall, floor, doors, roof, and cargo area
  • Luxury Liner Pro - 72 sq ft (8 sheets) - Apply as second layer on cabin side firewall, floor, and cargo floor
  • Mega Zorbe - 60 sq ft (15 sheets) - Apply as a second layer in each door cavity and on the roof for headliner insulation
  • Spectrum - 40 sq ft (2 gallons) - Apply (3) 1mm layers directly to the metal to sound deaden wheel wells
  • Mega Block - 16 sq ft (4 sheets) - Apply as a second layer to the hood

If you're interested in our other Toyota recommendations, check out our articles on Toyota RAV4 sound deadening and Toyota Corolla sound deadening.

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