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“I am blown away by how quiet and dead the sheet metal is. I would have to layer up a competitor product three, four, sometimes five layers thick to achieve the same results.”
–Chad Utt, West Coast Customs

We Eliminate Vehicle Noise

Structural Noise

Structural sound energy originates in the moving parts of the vehicle, transmits through the metal, and then radiates into the cabin where you hear it as noise. If you stop the vibrations, you’ll stop the noise.
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Airborne Noise

Airborne sound waves travel into the car through the air. Engine noise, exhaust noise, tire noise, and road noise are all airborne. To stop airborne noise, you have to block it with a dense barrier.
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Sound Deadening

Sound deadening is the hidden secret behind the upholstery of any real car project. If you didn't already know that, you're in luck because you've stumbled into the right place. If you did know that and have a noise or heat issue, we look forward to helping you solve your automotive insulation goals.


Sound Blocking

Road noise is a … frustrating part of driving, and some cars are worse than others. Whether you have an expensive car audio system or are tired of having to yell while driving down the highway, investing in some quality sound blocking will give you control over what you hear in your car cabin.


Sound Absorption

If you're looking for peace and quiet inside your vehicle, quiet things down with sound absorption materials. Noise has been shown to decrease the quality of our living spaces and add stress to our lives. Soundproof foam will reduce interior noise and echos to improve the environment in your car.


Heat Insulation

Heat insulation is a very practical solution. We insulate our houses to save energy and create more comfortable living environments. The average person spends anywhere from days to years of his or her life in a vehicle, so we've developed a product line to ensure your car feels like home.


Heat Shields

Stopping extreme heat is a critical component of vehicle comfort. When it’s too hot to think straight, Second Skin will save the day with the best American-made heat shields to keep any vehicle cool and comfortable.


Vehicle Packages

For the best results, you have to treat both structural and airborne noise – which requires two types of materials. We combine the industry-leading Second Skin materials into bundles for different types of vehicles and parts of the vehicle in our Vehicle Sound & Heat Packages.


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I am blown away

We skinned the entire vehicle floor, walls, door, and roof with Second Skin Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro foam padding. I am blown away by how quiet and dead the sheet metal is. I would have to layer up a competitor product three, four, sometimes five layers thick to achieve the same results. Awesome stuff man!
Chad Utt, West Coast Customs, Operations Manager

I choose Second Skin

When it comes to making 50 year old classic Mopar muscle cars quiet, I choose Second Skin.
Mark Worman, Graveyard Carz, Mopar Guru

This stuff is amazing

This is the first time I've ever had a car with sound deadener, and I gotta say this stuff is amazing My T Nissan 240SX rides as quiet as a new Mercedes! My speakers sound more defined and it doesn't sound like midgets wrestling in the trunk. I've installed other sound deadeners on other vehicles before and the ease of installation is awesome, and it stays put! Way to go Second Skin, awesome product!
Broc E., Customer

I could have heard a pin drop

I learned about Second Skin through Steve Meade, and needed to eliminate some vibrations. Second Skin did all that AND THEN SOME! I Driving in the rain used to be ULTRA LOUD and I could never even think I of talking on the phone. Driving home from my buddy's after we applied the Second Skin, it was raining. I didn't even realize it! I could have heard a pin drop and this was just with SS on the ROOF!
Michael, Customer

Yours was far superior

Just wanted to say your product(s) are AMAZING! Just finished using Damplifier Pro on the doors of my truck (outer and inner layer per door). and what a night and day difference. The truck just "feels” so much better. I regrettably bought (the other guy's product) for my rear cab and am shocked at the difference/effectiveness between the two. Yours was far superior. Keep up the great work/products; you're the best!
Sean R., Customer

We have not found a comparable product

We restore Jeeps. The vehicles are naturally prone to vibrations and I road noise. With the added high performance exhaust systems, it was impossible to achieve acceptable sound quality from the stereo systems. We ordered Damplifier Pro, received it in 2 days, applied it in a half hour and the results are amazing. We have since then added a layer of Luxury Liner Pro. These are high performance off-road vehicles with the comfort and sound insulation superior to the average vehicle I on the highway. For the price and quality, we have not found a comparable product.
Rick B., Customer

The change is just unbelievable

My champion 1967 Austin Mini Cooper S restoration was physically painful to drive with practically no OEM dampening, race exhaust and a I high-revving 1300 four-banger. My ears would ring after just five minutes. After just two packs of Damplifier Pro we can have quiet I conversation inside - it's completely different car. Now the whole family I can enjoy it and I can even drive the kids to school. The change is just unbelievable. Thanks to Second Skin I’ll be able to justify a Focal/Fosgate/Rainbow stereo in a car that used to sound like the inside of a cement mixer.
Todd D., Customer

By FAR the best product I've used

I decided to try the Second Skin Damplifier Pro and my Lord, this is by FAR the best product I've used! I found the thicker foil to be actually I easier to work with. I know this doesn't sound right but it just seems to mold better into creases and is rock solid once installed. I have used I some other products that wouldn't quite stay put once position but the I thicker foil seems to have solved that. All I can say is my car was once considered a “touring” car, but now has become a LUXURY touring car! I Thanks for making great product Second Skin!
Aubrey C., Customer

I'm a believer

I tested Second Skin's 40 mill Damplifier product vs an asphalt based 110 mil thick and vs an 80 mil thick butyl. I applied samples to 2.5 x 6" heavy gauge steel clips I got from a lumber yard and hung them from - wire in my garage. After striking each one with a hammer to hear for myself which one was more effective I was blow away by how much more effective Damplifier was. I thought the 40 mil thickness was I going to be its weakness and I was wrong. It was by far the most 1 effective one at reducing the vibrations and ping after my hammer struck. I was a skeptic but now I'm a believer.
Average Audiophile, Converted Skeptic

Felt like it was a new car

I have convinced people to not get rid of their 10 year old cars simply by using some Damplifier Pro and some Luxury Liner Pro because they felt like it was a new car. In my own car, I go about 85mph every day to work so road noise was a huge issue even in my already quiet car by normal standards. Now I enjoy almost airplane like silence as I glide down the road listening to my choice of radio at a moderate volume while I wake up and prepare for the day to come.
Jeffrey H., Customer