Second Skin Garage - Nissan

350Z 2003:


SQFT Totals (Hood Project To Quiet A/C Fan Noise):
16 ft² CLD (Damplifier/Damplifier Pro)
24 sqft HWP (Heat Wave Pro) (Hood)
1 Can of Spray Adhesive (High Temp Spray Adhesive)(CSA)
1 Wooden Hand Roller

350Z Model Years 2002 – 2009

370Z 2009:


SQFT Totals:
53 ft² CLD (Damplifier/Damplifier Pro)

18 ft² MLV (Luxury Liner Pro)

18 ft² CCF (Over Kill/Over Kill Pro)

2 Cans of Spray Adhesive (High Temp Spray Adhesive)