Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener


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Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners - One Strip: 1" by 1 ft 



Dual Lock is the strongest fastener system on the market. Unlike Velcro, there is no "hook" or "loop". Each strip is open on one side and able to be fastened to any other strip. Dual Lock is the only reclosable fastener strong enough to allow you to install mass loaded vinyl in your vehicle. 


Product Instructions

  • Mushroom shaped stems interlock with one another when pressed together, creating a fastener much stronger than industrial strength Velcro. 
  • Super strong, pressure sensitive acrylic backing will stick to metal, wood, vinyl, cardboard, glass, concrete and most plastics. Will not adhere to fabrics or rubber. 
  • Application surface must be clean, dry, and free from oil.
  • As a general rule, 4 square inches of fastening area are required per pound of static load. More Dual Lock coverage is needed for high temperature or high vibration use cases.
  • For maximum bond strength, apply at room temperature and allow 48 hours before fastening. You can further improve resistance to edge peel by recessing the fastener or rounding the corners.
  • Dual Lock should only be used inside the vehicle. Do not apply in the engine compartment or exhaust tunnel.


Product Specs

  • Each strip is 1" wide by 1 foot long. A strip must be applied to the material and to the surface.
  • 25mm thick with an acrylic self-adhesive backing
  • 1000+ closures
  • Service temperature: -20 to 158 F (intermittent to 200 F)
  • Resists hot/cold cycles and water


To get the most bang for your buck, Dual Lock strips should be cut somewhere between 1" x 1" squares to 1" x 6" rectangles depending on the weight of the material being fastened. One strip is 12" long, and can be cut into two 1" x 6" pieces for a total of 6 square inches of coverage. For a rough estimate of the total amount of Dual Lock needed per sheet of Second Skin mass loaded vinyl or foam, see below:



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