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Full Car Soundproofing Tools Bundle

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Car Insulation Project Tools Bundle - Choice of Adhesive, Foil Tape, Wooden Hand Roller, & Utility Knife



This tools bundle has everything you need for your car soundproofing project. The hand roller and utility knife simplify working with sound deadening mats, and the foil tape is perfect for strengthening the seams of your MLV noise barrier or sealing the edges of materials during high heat applications (Heat Wave Pro, Mega Block).


Step 1: Choose your adhesive. Both the spray adhesive and the super strong tape can withstand high temperatures and are extremely tacky.

Step 2: Double check your square footage. Each can of spray adhesive covers ~36 sq ft. The roll of super strong tape is 60 yards long and should be able to hold up at least 60 square feet of material.

Step 3: That's actually it, but you gotta have 3 steps, right?


Spray Adhesive Full Project Bundle

Spray Adhesive Full Project Bundle (Large)

Super Strong Tape Full Project Bundle

Super Strong Tape Full Project Bundle (Large)

Spray adhesive cannot be shipped by air. For international or air shipments, Super Strong Double Sided Tape should be used as an alternative.

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