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Jeep Sound Deadening Package

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Jeep Build Packages - Spectrum Liquid Deadener & Luxury Liner Pro

 *Made In USA *


Jeeps are notorious for the amount of road and wind noise they generate while driving down the highway. There are 3 primary reasons for this:


  1. Your Jeep has a soft top. You can upgrade to the premium soft top which will help, but switching to a hard top is going to give you the best results.
  2. You have an issue with your tires. Sometimes you can get by with regular tire rotations, but often the problem is that your tires are starting to get worn out. Finding a quiet set of tires can be a long and expensive process.
  3. Jeeps (especially older ones) come with almost NO automotive insulation to help keep them quiet. Second Skin's sound deadeners and noise barriers will make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

Second Skin's Jeep packages will insulate the interior of your Jeep from structural and airborne noise while also providing excellent thermal insulation. 


Jeep Wrangler Package

  • Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadener - 100 Sq Ft (5 gallons) - Apply sound deadening spray to the floor, firewall (cabin side or engine side), outer door skin, inner door frame, and undercarriage. If you choose to add on 2 extra gallons, you'll have enough to do all four wheel wells too. We recommend our Spectrum Spray Gun to anyone comfortable with spray on products, but you can also apply Spectrum with a brush or roller.
  • Luxury Liner Pro - 45 Sq Ft (5 sheets, 24" X 54" each) - Cover the floor all the way through the cargo area, the cabin side firewall, and the doors with mass loaded vinyl. Tape the seams and use an adhesive to keep the product in place.

Jeep 4-Door Package

Recommended adhesivesSpray AdhesiveSuper Strong Double Sided Tape, Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener, or mechanical fasteners such as screws/pop rivets

Spray-on Application Tools: Spray Gun & Compressor, Paint Brush, or Paint Roller - PlastiWrap - Wire Tape


For more information on applying Spectrum, check out our Spectrum Install Guide. Spectrum should be applied 1mm at a time to a recommended thickness of 2mm, allowing the product to dry between applications. At 2mm thickness, each gallon of Spectrum covers 20 square feet. Some people choose to continue adding layers beyond 2mm. We do not recommend going above 5 layers.


Spectrum Technical Specs

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