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Spectrum Wire Tape

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Spectrum Wire Tape


Product Information

  • Size: 1/4" x 90 feet
  • Contains a thin wire to enable sharp, precise cuts through tough polymer coatings (Spectrum)
  • Cuts from the bottom up, protected the surface and preserving a clean, professional finish
  • Can be used to trim many types of coatings

Application Process

  1. Applying: Remove grease, wax, grime, and silicone from a dirt free surface. Apply Spectrum Wire Tape along all trim lines. For best results, notch tape to conform to tight corners and gently stretch the tape around curves.
  2. Masking: Apply PlastiWrap, our pre-folded, pre-taped masking film, or masking paper. Spectrum Wire Tape is durable enough to withstand most prep work. The special adhesive permits re-positioning if required.
  3. Spraying: Spray, brush, or roll on Spectrum to the project area just as you would normally. It's fine if Spectrum gets on the tape or other masking products.
  4. Cutting: Pull the wire through the coating to provide a clean finished edge. Always pull wire out as soon as possible after application.
  5. Finishing: Remove Spectrum PlastiWrap or masking paper and tape to complete the trimming process.

Helpful Hints

  • The roll of Wire Tape is spooled backwards.
  • Spectrum Wire Tape should not leave any residue behind. If this occurs, pull the tape off slower.
  • If the Wire Tape appears to be wound incorrectly, it is likely incorrectly positioned from the last use. To fix, lift up the end of the tape approximately one inch. Then separate the double-sided tape from the liner. Hold the liner to the roll of tape and, without letting go, unroll the double-sided tape 1 rotation of the spool. 
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