Factory Five Roadster Build Package

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Factory Five Roadster Package - 1 Shop Pack Damplifier Pro (80 Sq Ft), 4 Sheets Luxury Liner Pro (36 Sq Ft), & 1 Sheet Heat Wave Pro (24 Sq Ft)



With over 325 packages sold to Roadster owners, we've helped a lot of customers over the years. Using that knowledge, we've combined the most popular products together into one package to eliminate the most common Roadster issues: reducing road noise, stopping exhaust drone, and increasing heat control.


Recommended adhesives: Spray Adhesive, Super Strong Double Sided Tape, industrial strength velcro, or fasteners such as screws/pop rivets


*This package is not cut to any specific pattern or trim style. It is simply the raw material needed.*

** If you are bonding to a surface that has been powder coated, we recommend using a primer before applying the Damplifier Pro. Some powder coating processes use a wax that makes it difficult for the adhesive to bond. **


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