Factory Five Sound & Heat Packages

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Factory Five Sound & Heat Packages



With hundreds of packages sold to Roadster owners, we've helped a lot of customers over the years. We've combined the most popular products together into two kits to eliminate all the sound and heat issues that come with building a car from scratch. Adding vibration and heat control is absolutely key to actually enjoying your new ride!


Factory Five Roadster (Convertible)

  • Damplifier Pro - 55 Sq Ft (33 sheets, 12" x 20" each) - Apply to floor, doors, engine side firewall, and trunk. Use a Wooden Hand Roller to roll out any air bubbles and ensure solid contact to the metal.
  • Sheets of Heat Wave Pro - 48 Sq Ft (2 sheets, 4' x 6' each) - Apply to the footwells, floor, and firewall to keep you cool and comfortable!
  • You can decide to add Luxury Liner Pro in a convertible, but blocking airborne noise is most effective in cars with an enclosed cabin.


Factory Five Hot Rod & Truck (Hard Top)

  • Shop Pack of Damplifier Pro - 80 Sq Ft (48 sheets, 12" x 20" each) - Apply to floor, doors, engine side firewall, and trunk (hot rods). If you have any left over, use it under the hood. Use that Wooden Hand Roller to bond Damplifier Pro permanently to the metal - no air bubbles!
  • Sheets of Luxury Liner Pro - 36 Sq Ft (4 sheets, 24" x 54" each) - Apply car MLV to the floor, trunk, and back seat wall.
  • Sheet of Heat Wave Pro - 24 Sq Ft (1 sheet, 4' x 6') - Apply heat insulation material to the foot box to protect your feet from engine and exhaust heat. You'll probably need about half the sheet. Cut with scissors or a sharp utility knife.

Recommended adhesives: Spray Adhesive, Super Strong Double Sided Tape, Dual Lock reclosable fastener


*This package is not cut to any specific pattern or trim style. It is simply the raw material needed.*

** If you are bonding to a surface that has been powder coated, we recommend using a primer before applying the Damplifier Pro. Some powder coating processes use a wax that makes it difficult for the adhesive to bond. **

 Damplifier Pro Install Guide