PolyZorbe™ Polyester Acoustic Panels

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Covers 8.0 SF

PolyZorbe™ Polyester Acoustic Panels

PolyZorbe™ Polyester Acoustic Panels are a great aesthetically pleasing option to reduce the echo and reverb, improving the vocal audibility and intelligibility of any interior space. These panels are made with 60% recycled polyester and are Class A fire rated, meaning that it's rated for use in commercial buildings. 



  • Polyester panels (60% recycled) add sound absorption for reduced echo and reverb
  • Install as acoustic panels on walls or ceilings
  • Non-allergenic, non-toxic, fungal resistant, and no chemical irritants or formaldehyde
  • Decorative and tack-able
  • Temperature rated up to 280°F
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Easy to install and easy to clean




 Dimensions   24" x 48" (8 sq ft) (Up to 48" x 96" available) 
 Thickness   1" or 2" 
 Weight   5.5lbs (1"), 8lbs (2")
 Edge Type   Square Edge 
 Temperature Rating   280°F
 Colors   White, Beige, Black 




 Spec Sheet   PolyZorbe™ Product Sheet 
 Architect CSI Specs 

 PolyZorbe™ Wall Panel CSI Spec 
 PolyZorbe™ Ceiling Panel CSI Spec 

 Install Guides   PolyZorbe™ Install Guide (P329 Spray Adhesive)
 PolyZorbe™ Install Guide (Construction Adhesive) 
 PolyZorbe™ Install Guide (Direct Attach) 



Material Testing

Noise Reduction Coefficient

 Panel Type  Thickness   Mount Type   125   250   500   1000   2000   4000   NRC 
 PolyZorbe™ Acoustic Panel   1/2"  A (Wall Mounted)   0.01   0.07   0.26   0.54   0.78   0.94   0.40 
 PolyZorbe™ Acoustic Panel   1"  A (Wall Mounted)   0.08  0.20   0.59   0.94   1.04   1.02   0.70 
 PolyZorbe™ Acoustic Panel   2"   A (Wall Mounted)   0.31   0.58   1.08   1.11   1.04   1.04   0.95 
 PolyZorbe™ Ceiling Tile   1/2"  E400 (Ceiling Tile)   0.37   0.84   0.62   0.84   0.95   0.91   0.80
 PolyZorbe™ Ceiling Tile   1"  E400 (Ceiling Tile)   0.44   0.80   0.73   0.99   1.01   1.01   0.90










Installation Instructions

Recommended Adhesive: P329 Spray Adhesive

  • Place the PolyZorbe™ panel on the wall. Make a horizontal and vertical line along the edge of the panel using a level, intersecting at one corner.
  • The P329 Spray Adhesive is an aggressive, pressure sensitive adhesive designed for PERMANENT bonding of our acoustical panels to a drywall, metal, concrete, or wood substrate.
  • Apply spray adhesive to both the material and the substrate with 80 to 100% coverage. To avoid overspray, a small gap around the edge is not a problem.
  • Allow 2-4 minutes for the spray adhesive to tack up.
  • Press the material and substrate together with as much pressure as practical. The initial bond is very strong, but maximum strength is achieved in 1-3 days.
  • These steps can be found in our PolyZorbe™ Install Guide (P329 Spray Adhesive).

If buying adhesive locally, we recommend a combination of construction adhesive (Loctite Power Grab or equivalent) and spray adhesive (3M Super 77 or equivalent). See our PolyZorbe™ Install Guide (Construction Adhesive) for instructions. PolyZorbe can also be installed with mechanical fasteners. See PolyZorbe™ Install Guide (Direct Attach) for instructions.



Common Product Uses

  • Homes, apartments, home studios, recording studios, condos, hotels, conference rooms, offices, music practice rooms, band rooms, houses of worship, community centers, government and municipal buildings, hospitals, medical clinics, auditoriums, malls, retail stores, theaters, schools, classrooms, restaurants, bars, manufacturing plants, and warehouses
  • Can be used as high performing, absorptive acoustic ceiling tiles (PolyZorbe™ EZ Drop)