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P329 Permanent Spray Adhesive (22oz)

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P329 Permanent Spray Adhesive

P329 spray adhesive is a VERY aggressive pressure sensitive spray adhesive designed to permanently bond porous substrates. The cans are easily portable and perfect for field and shop applications. We recommend the P329 spray adhesive for permanent acoustic panel applications to walls and ceilings.



 Size   1 can (22oz) 
 Square Footage   50 sq ft (single side), 25 sq ft (2-sided) 
 Coverage  80%+
 Time until Tacky   2-4 minutes 
 Substrates   Drywall, Aluminum, Fabric, Foam, Plywood 
 Indoor/Outdoor   Yes
 Recommended Application   Second Skin Acoustic Panels 


Material Testing

 Tested Properties   Performance 
 Color   Clear 
 Total Solids   29-35% 
 Dry Time  2-4 minutes (depends on temp and humidity) 
 Open Time   1+ hours 
 Storage Temperature   60-120°F (do not store on concrete floor)
 Health & Safety   Non-chlorinated, no ODS, no HAPs
 California VOC Compliant   Compliant with SCAQMD 1168 Rule
 Shelf Life   1 year 


Installation Instructions

  • One-sided vs Two-sided: For porous materials or ceiling applications, we recommend spraying both the substrate and the material. When adhering non-porous to non-porous, a one sided application is acceptable.
  • Apply spray adhesive to both the material substrate with 80% to 100% coverage. For acoustic panels, leave a 2 to 3 inch gap around the perimeter.
  • Allow 2-4 minutes for it to "tack up".
  • Then press together firmly with as much pressure as practical to create the permanent bond.
  • The initial bond is strong enough to allow cutting and trimming, with maximum bond strength achieved in 1-3 days.
  • Each can will cover approximately 50 sq ft for a 1-sided application or 25 sq ft for a 2-sided application.


P329 Spray Adhesive can only ship ground and can not ship internationally or via expedited air. 


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