Liquid Applied Sound Damping

Liquid Applied Sound Damping Material

Author: Eric Zuck

Last Updated: February 9, 2024

Read Time: 4 Minutes


Eric Zuck

Last Updated:

February 9, 2024

Read Time:

4 Minutes

Author: Eric Zuck

Updated: Feb. 9, 2024

Read Time: 4 Minutes

Automobiles are complicated pieces of machinery. They’re big. They’re heavy. They have a ton of component parts. And they move. An improperly treated automobile is basically a highly mobile, noise machine.

Depending on the quality of the NVH (Noise, Vibration, & Harshness) treatments, the cabin of a car, truck, SUV, or other vehicle can either be a relaxing or an aggravating place to be. A liquid applied sound damping (LASD) solution is an excellent way to control structural noise and make a vehicle more comfortable. By applying an LASD to a metal surface, the vibrational energy in the system is drastically reduced.

Second Skin Audio’s Spectrum liquid soundproofing will stop the vibrations to any metal where it’s applied. When you stop the vibrations, you stop the noise.

Understanding Noise Reduction in a Vehicle

There are two types of noise in a vehicle: structural and airborne. Structural noise results from the vibration and movement of all the vehicles component parts. To stop structural noise, you have to stop the vibrations and isolate the hard surfaces. Vibration damping materials should be applied to any metal surfaces to dissipate the vibrational energy out of the system. A softer material with the appropriate deflection rate should be installed between rattling components to isolate those hard surfaces (OverKill Pro). The vibration damping and decoupling processes are the two basic building blocks executed over and over again in a vehicle to stop structural noise.

For airborne noise, the most effective treatment is to block the noise with dense barrier materials. An appropriate barrier (Luxury Liner Pro) between the driver and the engine and the driver and the road/tires below is critical due to the amount of noise entering the vehicle from those locations. The next step to stop airborne noise requires adding sound deadening foam (Mega Zorbe) into any highly reflective areas (like the door cavity) and potentially into the cabin itself to reduce reflections and reverb heard by the driver.

By combining these NVH treatments together strategically, vehicle noise can be drastically reduced. Unfortunately, many vehicles have gotten louder in recent years instead of quieter as manufacturers prioritized reduced weight and cost over comfort for some makes and models.

Liquid Applied Sound Damping (LASD)

Liquid applied sound damping is a leading solution for stopping structural noise caused by metal. An LASD like Spectrum is easy to apply, lightweight, and highly effective.

Spectrum is a water-based viscoelastic polymer that is used in a variety of industries to damp vibrating metal and top structural noise. Most commonly used in the automotive industry, it’s also used for HVAC noise reduction, sinks, coin machines, metal furniture, elevator shafts, theme park rides, and anywhere else structural noise needs to be reduced. Spectrum liquid applied sound damping is a common alternative to the traditional sound deadening mat (Damplifier Pro) or pads due to the ease of application.

Spectrum can be applied with a spray gun, brush or roller. It doesn’t require a primer as long as the metal is clean, although a self-etching primer should be used for glossy or high wax surfaces. Once applied to metal, it’s waterproof and protects from rust. For anyone used to spraying liquids, it’s a quick and easy learning process. And then if a paint brush is your style, it goes on easy that way too.

Second Skin Can Help With Your Noise

No matter your soundproof project, Second Skin has the material to make it happen. Whether it’s an LASD solution for structural noise, or any other problem needing noise reduction – we can help you solve the problem. If you have questions about your specific application, give us a call or chat with us. An expert is here and ready to help!

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