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Corvette Sound & Heat Package

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Corvette Package - 1 Shop Pack Damplifier Pro (80 Sq Ft) & 5 Sheets Luxury Liner Pro (45 Sq Ft)



This package was designed to provide high quality sound and thermal insulation for all Corvette owners. The Corvette Build Pack will substantially reduce noise in the cabin (reduce road noise, quiet exhaust), while giving you much better temperature control.


  • 1 Vehicle Pack of Damplifier Pro80 Sq Ft (48 sheets, 12" x 20" each) - Apply to floor, doors, engine side firewall, trunk, and trunk lid. If you have any left over, use it under the hood. Make your life easier by using a Wooden Hand Roller.
  • 5 Sheets of Luxury Liner Pro - 45 Sq Ft (5 sheets, 24" x 54" each) - Apply MLV for a vehicle to the floor, trunk, and back seat wall. You MUST cover the transmission hump with as few seams as possible. This is the loudest and hottest part of your Corvette. 

Recommended adhesivesSpray AdhesiveSuper Strong Double Sided Tape, industrial strength velcro, or fasteners such as screws/pop rivets


Damplifier Pro Install Guide

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