Damplifier Pro™ - Small Mod Sheets

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Damplifier Pro is a best in class sound deadener. We’ve found that our customers find all sorts of creative ways to use the product once they see the results from true sound deadening. Some projects are just too small to need full sheets, so we created pre-cut “Small Project” sheets for those PC towers, headphones, microphone stands, household appliances, and whatever else needs a little vibration control!


  • High temperature butyl rubber adhesive (more rubber, less filler)
  • Ultra-thick, 6.5mil annealed black foil with a ghosted logo
  • 2mm total thickness (80 mils)
  • Each sheet is 3” x 5” (0.104 sq ft) and weighs about 0.6 lbs / sq ft
  • Thermal range: -75 F to 450 F – will not melt, out gas, or fall off
  • Deadens any sheet metal, aluminum, or prepared fiberglass
  • Made in the USA


Learn how to soundproof a kitchen sink with Damplifier Pro mod sheets.

Application Instructions

  1. Cut Damplifier Pro to the desired size with a sharp utility knife. USE CAUTION as the foil edges are very sharp.
  2. Peel the wax paper liner from the back of Damplifier Pro and adhere the tacky butyl side to the sheet metal. For these small sheets, you may need to use your fingers instead of the wooden hand roller, depending on the surface. Just make sure to force out any air pockets.
  3. You need a minimum of 25% coverage on the metal, but we generally recommend at least 60% coverage to get 95% of the sound proofing results. Many customers choose to cover 100%.

 Damplifier Pro Technical Specs