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Author: Eric Dellolio

Last Updated: February 9, 2024

Read Time: 7 Minutes


Eric Dellolio

Last Updated:

February 9, 2024

Read Time:

7 Minutes

Author: Eric Dellolio

Updated: Feb. 9, 2024

Read Time: 7 Minutes

The Subaru Impreza is arguably the most popular car that Subaru has ever produced. This sporty, compact car has been sold since 1992 and has undergone some of the largest design revamps in the automotive industry. Like most other Subaru models, the Impreza used a Boxer 4-cylinder engine exclusively and was offered in a 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan, or station wagon configuration.

As time went on, the Subaru Impreza only became more popular. The car gained a ton of publicity thanks to its performance models, the WRX and WRX STI, being featured in rally and racing events around the world. The Impreza became THE import car to own when these performance models were released because they offered an advanced AWD system, turbocharged engine, striking looks, and an exhaust note that was easily recognizable.

Unfortunately, the Subaru Impreza has always had an issue with noise and vibrations inside the cabin. People that are buying these cars know to expect this, but what if they didn’t have to? We created a complete Subaru Impreza sound deadening guide to help you eliminate what seems to be the biggest issue with the Impreza; cabin noise. If you are looking for other Subaru guides we have them on Subaru Forester road noise and Subaru Outback road noise.

Subaru Impreza Cabin Noise Reduction Treatment

We combine two of our most popular products together in our Vehicle Soundproofing Packages, Damplifier Pro and the Luxury Liner Pro. Our vehicle packages come in different sizes based on the type of vehicle. For a Subaru Impreza we recommend our Compact Sports Utility Package to give you the most coverage and the best results.

What is Damplifier Pro?

Damplifier Pro has been the best performing sound deadening mat for over 20 years. It’s primarily designed to deaden the noise that’s caused by rattles and vibrations. This is one of the most common forms of cabin noise because as you drive down the road, the metal body panels vibrate and rattle, transmitting noise into your car. We describe this type of noise is known as “structural” because the unwanted cabin noise is caused by vibrational energy being transferred through the structural components of your Impreza. The Subaru Impreza is known to have a decent amount of cabin noise because of the harder plastics that are used throughout the interior and the lack of sound deadening material overall.

Damplifier Pro damps the vibrational energy that causes the cabin noise. The Damplifier Pro mat turns that vibrational energy into heat, which reduces noise in the cabin. For the performance enthusiasts that own the WRX or WRX STI, Damplifier Pro won’t add a ton of excessive weight either, so you can still have a blast during your drive without all of the annoying vibrations. You can apply Damplifier Pro to metal parts such as your inner doors, under the carpet, or behind the firewall to deaden the vibrational energy and get a noticeably quieter cabin. Plus, you only need about 60% coverage to hear a massive difference in the noise level within your Subaru Impreza’s cabin. Less required coverage means that you’ll spend less time installing and less money on materials.

What is Luxury Liner Pro?

The next layer for your Subaru Impreza noise reduction is Luxury Liner Pro. This is designed to block “airborne” noise such as noise caused by your engine, tires, or general road noise in a car. This is especially important on the Subaru Impreza because of the Boxer engine, which is known to be a bit louder than a traditional engine. You’ll want 100% coverage with the automotive MLV product on the floor up through the cabin side firewall, floor and trunk because airborne noise will do everything in its power to leak through any small openings. Luxury Liner Pro is our best performing automotive sound barrier and is known industry-wide as being one of the best sound deadening products on the market. The easiest way to explain what Luxury Liner Pro is is to think about it like an extremely dense extra wall that you install between the cabin and the sources of airborne noise in your Subaru Impreza (engine noise, common tire noise, and road noise).

When you combine Luxury Liner Pro with Damplifier Pro, you get the best Subaru Impreza sound deadening treatment in the world that will make a massive difference in the amount of noise you hear when driving down the road (10+ decibels).

How To Reduce Subaru Impreza Tire Noise

Road and tire noise, especially while traveling at high speeds on the highway, is one of the most common noise complaints we hear from customers, especially when Subaru Impreza owners use high-performance tires. Oftentimes, this noise can be enough to annoy drivers that have a long commute and, depending on the situation, can even make it hard for the driver to have a normal conversation with passengers. If you are dealing with unwanted road and tire noise, Spectrum Spray Liquid Sound Deadener as a wheel well sound deadening treatment is going to be the most cost effective and easy to make a massive difference in the tire noise that you hear in the cabin. Many customers choose this treatment because it is easy to install and you do not need to do anything to the interior of your Impreza.

All you need to do is apply 3mm of Spectrum into each wheel well. This is applied as 1mm layers directly to the metal for a total of three layers. Some of our customers prefer to spray it on, while others like the simplicity of being able to use a paint roller or brush. 2 gallons of Spectrum Liquid Deadener will cover four wheel wells and will reduce the noise level while driving your Impreza on the highway by 3-5 dB.

Our Recommendation

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Vehicle Type Project Specifics
subaru impreza road noise

2005 Impreza WRX

Make/Model: 2005 Impreza WRX
Products Used: 58 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Sound Deadener (Floor/Doors/Trunk)
58 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro Mass Loaded Vinyl (Floor/Doors/Trunk)
18 Sq Ft of OverKill Pro Closed Cell Foam (Inner Door Skins)
16 Sq Ft of Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadening (Wheel Wells)
Accessories: Spray Adhesive (2 cans), Wooden Hand Roller, Spectrum Spray Gun
subaru impreza noise reduction

2013 Impreza

Make/Model: 2014 RAV4
Type of Project: Subaru Impreza Sound Deadening Floor, Trunk, Ceiling, Hood, & Doors
Products Used: 79 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Floor/Doors/Trunk/Ceiling/Hood)
57 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro Mass Loaded Vinyl (Floor/Doors/Trunk Floor)
18 Sq Ft of Mega Zorbe Hydrophobic Melamine Foam (Ceiling)
16 Sq Ft of Heat Wave Pro Thermal Jute (Hood)
Accessories: Spray Adhesive (3 cans), Wooden Hand Roller, Big Foil Tape
subaru impreza road noise

2000 Impreza RS

Make/Model: 2000 Impreza RS
Type of Project: Road Noise Treatment
Parts of Impreza Treated: Wheel Well, Trunk, Roof, Floor
Materials Used: Damplifier Pro (120 sq ft), 3 Gallons of Spectrum, OverKill Pro (40 sq ft), Speaker Tweakers

Project Overview: Aaron's install is OG status from way back in the day when Damplifier Pro was silver. This 2000 Impreza RS has a swapped out 2003 WRX engine to give it more power. Aaron utilized 2 gallons of Spectrum in his transmission tunnel and 1 gallon on the entire trunk lid, 120 sqft of Damplifier Pro throughout with double layers in key places, and used 40 sqft of OverKill on top of the Damplifier Pro on the roof and doors along with some Speaker Tweakers to improve the door speakers. This Subaru Impreza is one quiet ride and the products have stood the test of time!!!

Subaru Impreza Road Noise: Best Possible Treatment

The Toyota Corolla is an extremely popular and practical vehicle for every need and stage as your family grows. But as previously mentioned, there is room for improvement as far as noise reduction. However, our Compact Sports Utility Package is an excellent solution for a quiet ride in your Toyota Corolla.

  • Damplifier Pro - 120 sq ft (72 sheets) - Apply to firewall, floor, doors, roof, and cargo area
  • Luxury Liner Pro - 72 sq ft (8 sheets) - Apply as second layer on cabin side firewall, floor, and cargo floor
  • Mega Zorbe - 60 sq ft (15 sheets) - Apply as a second layer in each door cavity and on the roof for headliner insulation
  • Spectrum - 40 sq ft (2 gallons) - Apply (3) 1mm layers directly to the metal to sound deaden wheel wells
  • Mega Block - 16 sq ft (4 sheets) - Apply as a second layer to the hood
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