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The Garage: School Bus (Skoolie) Sound Deadening Projects

The Garage: Bus, Skoolie, & RV Sound Deadening Projects

Featured Build: Gas Monkey Garage C60 Mini Bus

Raising cane's school bus by gas monkey garage

In October of 2021, we were contacted by the world famous builders at Gas Monkey Garage to help them with a sound and heat issues in the Raising Cane's 1987 Chevy C60 Mini Bus Build which was going to be a rolling restaurant. The Mini Bus Package was custom built to handle the heat issue and add insulation to the entire bus for noise and heat, allowing the Raising Cane's cooks and customers to enjoy hanging out in this bus on their trips across America. This build kit is the exact products and materials used in the "Raising Cane's Bus Build" from Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey crew in Texas. This amazing combination of American made products will give you the best sound and thermal insulation that money can buy for your School Bus. If you're inspired by Gas Monkey Garage to do your own Skoolie Bus build, look no further, because this package has everything you need for top-of-the-line temperature and sound control.

Gas Monkey Garage Cane's Bus Project Soundproofing

The Vision. When Raising Cane's needed a rolling restaurant that would catch everyone's eye...they reached out tot he legends of fabrication Gas Monkey Garage. Richard was all in for this huge project.

Dude, Where's My Bus? - Sound Deadening the Cane's bus with Spectrum liquid soundproofing. 20 gallons of Spectrum used on the floors, doors, side walls, ceiling, and wheel wells.

The Gas Monkey Garage crew has found their bus for the Cane's project. Let the fun begin...


First up, making sure that engine works well and getting the firewall fixed up and sealed tight.

School Bus Remodel Soundproofing

Engine is good and the firewall is fabricated nicely.

School Bus Heat Insulation

I spy the Second Skin boxes full of American made goodies used to quiet down and cool this Rasing Cane's Bus.

Richard Rawlings School Bus Soundproofing

All hands on deck, with Richard Rawlings, spotted putting in work on the Cane's bus, right behind him is a box full of Second Skin goodness.

School bus paint project

The Cane's Skoolie build is all taped off and ready for interior Spectrum spray and exterior body paint.

Liquid Sound Deadening School Bus Heat Insulation

And it begins...the application of 20 gallons of Spectrum liquid sound deadening on the floor, doors, firewall, side walls, wheel well humps, and ceiling. Three 1mm coats throughout, with 30-60 minutes in between coats to cure to touch.

Spectrum soundproofing spray on school bus

Ken of Gas Monkey Garage throwing down some Spectrum liquid sound deadening on the Cane's bus.

Liquid soundproofing school bus

Coat one is in the books...looking so good!

Soundproofing a school bus

Low grade warmth to speed up the curing process in between coats. With normal conditions the coats cure to touch in 30-60 minutes depending on temperature and humidity level.

Spectrum liquid sound deadening school bus

After three 1mm coats, the bus is fully treated for vibration noise, road noise, and heat transfer. Next up, the sound blocking (Luxury Liner Pro), sound-absorbing (Mega Zorbe), and then time to build out the interior.

School Bus Sound Blocking

In this ongoing project, the crew has arrived at the sound blocking layer for the floor and wheel well humps. In goes the Luxury Liner Pro mass-loaded vinyl infused with closed-cell foam. This project used a whopping 20 sheets for 180 sqft of coverage from the firewall to the rear across the entire floor.

Gas Monkey Garage School Bus Soundproofing

The masterminds plot, project to be continued...

Fifty Shades of Red - Luxury Liner Pro sound blocking barrier layer. We used 20 sheets of Luxury Liner Pro across the entire floor, over the wheel wells, and around the generator box.

Beanie the bus

This awesome #Skoolie build is the traveling home of some very cool customers. 2 couples, a set of twins, and 4 best friends - Gaby, Halle, Matt, and Skye are renovating a retired police bus (1995 Ford B800) into a tiny home to live and travel in throughout North America this fall. The skoolie, named Beanie, will be completely off-grid capable and the build will be completed by August of 2021!

You can follow their adventures at 4babesandabus on Instagram, on their web bio page, or follow them on YouTube at Beanie the Bus   

Beanie the Bus gets the Second Skin treatment!!!

School Bus 1995 Ford B800 Soundproofing

Let the adventures begin...all out of college and ready to hit the road for a traveling life full of adventures!

School Bus Sound Insulation

Teamwork makes the dream work. Getting full coverage over those loud wheel wells is always a great idea.

Wheel Well Soundproofing School Bus

Installing Second Skin does cause immense joy, just ask the crew of Beanie the Bus.

SKOOLIE Soundproofing

Big flimsy wall metal, needs at least 60% coverage of the good stuff, Damplifier!

School bus sound deadening

The concentration is strong, channeling the inner sound deadening spirit for maximum adhesion.

Soundproofing happiness in a bus

We did mention that sound deadening brings joy...just look at those beautiful smiles. #SecondSkinForTheWin

Bus wall soundproofing

Always use a wooden roller to get the best bond for maximum effectiveness and life long adhesion.

Bus Skoolie Roof Soundproof

Time to hit the roof with the Damplifier sound deadening mats. Rolled on with perfection.

School Bus Sound Deadening

Over 400 sqft of Damplifier 1mm butyl vibration mats all across the walls, doors, and ceiling.

More School Bus and Skoolie Soundproofing Projects

GMC Blue Bird School Bus Thermal Insulation Soundproofing

2000 GMC Blue Bird

Type of Project: Hood, Firewall, & Driver Area

Products Used: 95 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Driver Floor/Drtiver Side Wall/Hood/Engine Side Firewall/Driver Ceiling)

32 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro Sound Barrier Material (Driver Floor, Cabin Firewall)

24 Sq Ft of Mega Zorbe Melamine Foam (Driver Ceiling/Driver Side Wall)

35 Sq Ft of Firewall Ceramic Coating (Engine Side Firewall/Hood)

35 Sq Ft of Heat Wave Pro Jute (Engine Side Firewall/Hood)

Accessories: Spray Adhesive (2 cans), Wooden Roller, Spray Gun + Bottle, Foil Tape.

School Bus Soundproofing

Blue Bird

Type of Project: Floor, Doghouse, and Undercarriage

Products Used: 180 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Floor/Doghouse)

180 Sq Ft of Heat Wave Pro Jute (Floor/Doghouse)

160 Sq Ft of Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadening (Undercarriage)

Accessories: Spray Adhesive (3 cans), Wooden Roller, Foil Tape, Spray Gun

1997 Freightliner Bus Soundproofing

1997 Freightliner Bus

Type of Project: Cab & Passenger Area

Products Used: 320 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Deadener (Floor/Doors/Walls/Ceiling)

120 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro Sound Barrier Material (Floor)

100 Sq Ft of Heat Wave Pro Jute (Walls)

100 Sq Ft of Mega Zorbe Melamine Foam (Ceiling)

Accessories: Spray Adhesive (6 cans), Wooden Roller, Vinyl Tape

2015 Chevrolet Starcraft School Bus Undercoating

2015 Chevrolet Starcraft

Type of Project: Floor, Walls, Ceiling, Doors, and Undercarriage

Products Used: 200 Sq Ft of Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadening

80 Sq Ft of Firewall Ceramic Coating (Undercarriage)

Accessories: Spray Gun with 3 Extra Bottles

Blue Bird Bus Doghouse

This project was one of our first customers to ever use the Mega Block product back in 2016. He covered the entire bus doghouse with Damplifier Pro and then Applied the Mega Block on top with foil tape on the seams and edges. This reduce his heat transfer into the bus cab by 20 degrees, keeping him nice and cool while driving.

Bus Doghouse Insulation

Finished project, bus doghouse covered with sound deadening and thermal insulation.

Bus Doghouse no insulation

Before Second Skin...

Doghouse Soundproofing with help of the cat

Everyone loves how helpful cats are, let the project begin.

Bus doghouse soundproofing

After cleaning the surface, the butyl vibration sheets are applied with a wooden roller.

16 sqft of Damplifier Pro, that ghosted black on black logo looks so clean.

Doghouse heat insulation

Next up, the heat shield. Mega Block 1,000 degree heat shield is perfect to block the sound and heat coming through the doghouse.

16 sqft of Mega Block Heat Shield to block the heat and noise.

1985 Chevrolet RV Sound and Heat Insulation

1985 Chevrolet RV Chasis

Type of Project: Full Vehicle for Burning Man Event

Products Used: 160 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Sound Deadener (All interior metal surfaces)

80 Sq Ft of Mega Zorbe (Walls and Driver station)

80 Sq Ft of Mega Block Heat Shield (Walls and Driver station)

80 Sq Ft of Thermal Block Heat Shield (Walls and Driver station)

80 Sq Ft of Heat Wave Pro Thermal Insulation (Walls and Driver station)

Accessories: Spray Adhesive (3 cans), Spray Gun + Bottle, Foil Tape

1998 Thomas School Bus

Type of Project: Floor, Walls, Doors, and Ceiling

Products Used: 420 Sq Ft of Damplifier Pro Sound Deadening (Floor/Doors/Walls, Ceiling)

210 Sq Ft of Luxury Liner Pro Sound Barrier Material (Floor/Firewall)

160 Sq Ft of Mega Zorbe Melamine Foam (Walls/Ceiling)

Accessories: Double Sided Tape (3 rolls), Wooden Roller, Vinyl Tape

School Bus Startedonlove

Bez and Amy bought a school bus to travel and live life in. They used 600 sqft of Damplifier and 120 sqft of Heat Wave Pro to sound deaden and thermally insulate their bus. Traveling with their doggies and working from the road are their goals for the future.

You can follow their adventures at startedonlove on Instagram

Blue Bird Bus Soundproofing

Bez, Amy, and the doggies ready to skin the bus with Second Skin!

Blue Bird Bus Sound Deadening

Laying out the sheets to get an eyeball of how much area you'll need to cover is always a great start.

Amy Soundproofing the bus

Amy makes it look way to easy to apply sound deadening. You can grab one of our sweet Second Skin shirts under the accessories tab.

Bus Soundproof

The bus soundproofing is coming together nicely...

Blue Bird Soundproofing

Floor finished and ready for the flooring to go down.

Bus Thermal Insulation

Now it's time for the thermal insulation. Amy & Bez chose the Heat Wave Pro for its versatile nature and high R value.

Blue Bird Thermal Insulation

Setting the stage for a nice hang out spot in the back of the bus.

Thermal Insulation Bus

Driver area getting the thermal treatment as well. Got to keep the driver cool and calm during the trips.

Dogs on a bus enjoying the Second Skin sound deadening

The doggies approve of the Second Skin sound and heat treatment.